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-very powerful deodoriser and air freshener

-it will refresh any type of bad odour areas

-suitable to use on carpets, fabrics, floors,etc

-it will also get rid of a wide range of germs

-it has a very high dilution rate 1 to 100

-it will treat urine,vomit,smoke,faeces odours

-suitable for commercial and domestic market


Craftex Cherry Twist - Where to use

If you are a professional carpet cleaning contractor or if you own a cleaning company, you can use Craftex Cherry Twist to deodorise and kill bacteria from carpets, upholstery, rugs, mattressess, car seats, dog mattresses, curtains, most types of floors, etc. This very powerful bactericidal deodoriser has a very original and unique cherry perfume. One quick treatment will provide long time results and it will get rid of most types of bad odours like urine, vomit, damp, faeces, food, smoke odours. Suitable for domestic and commercial jobs. Craftex Cherry Twist Deodoriser can be used to refresh most types of hard floors as well. It will work well in public toilets, gyms, pubs, restaurants, etc.


Craftex Cherry Twist - How to use

This highly efficient bactericidal deodoriser can be used in conjunction with a spray bottle, a pressure pump or as an aditive to a solution tank. Just add a bit of Craftex Cherry Twist to your mopping solution and wash your floor as usual or you can add a bit of Craftex Cherry Twist to a carpet cleaning machine solution tank and wash carperts or upholstery as usual. The whole surface treated will smell like fresh cherries. You can use it to treat commercial and domestic jobs. Highly recommended for the carpet cleaning industry. For bigger surfaces please use a pressure pump to treat the bad odours.


Craftex Cherry Twist - Dilution

The dilution rate was calculated in dsuch a way to provide cost effective solutions and outstanding odour removing qualities. By using a higher concentration then required you will waste your money and you will over deodorise the job. Please use a dilution rate of 1 to 100 for new jobs and 1 to 150 to daily maintenance.


Craftex Cherry Twist - Safety

This product has a very strong cherry perfume and it could be very attractive to kids and pets. Please store away from kids and keep in cool place.


If you havent`t used Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser yet, please try it now. It will work fast and it will impress your customers. No other deodorises have such unique and strong perfume. This product is very affordable and its high dilution makes it very cost effective. If you require more information about Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser, please call us now. We are here for you.


Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser - professional results for less!


Find out more information about odour neutralisers & air fresheners:


A Look At Air Fresheners And Odour Neutralisers


No one likes odours. Getting unpleasant smells in your house when you come home from work can be depressing. Your family won’t be comfortable living in such an environment. It gets worse when you have to entertain guests, and everyone is chocked up in stale air from the living room, or stenches coming from the bathroom. These odours aren't limited to your home. Imagine being in a car in all the heat and sweat. Sure you can roll down your window and let gusts of wind in as you attempt to fix the situation- but that exposes you to more respiratory problems. Odour issues go on all the way to the workplace. Offices filled with odours do not make good working conditions- especially since you'll be there for a greater part of the day. With all the human traffic trooping up and down your workplace corridors, how will you keep the air fresh and fragrant? Stenches are unbearable, and they can drive away visitors and potential clients. It's not your fault. No matter how much of a clean freak you can be, the odours and stenches of everyday life are unavoidable. But don't let that get you down- this is where air fresheners come in. 


There are air fresheners for all kinds of places and seasons. There are those designed for homes and workplaces, and those specifically meant for cars. Even at home there are different kinds air fresheners for living rooms and others are odour neutralisers for the foul smells from toilets. You can have anything from a sweet scent of the seaside to the cool freshness of mountains right at the heart of your home. Here are 8 things that air fresheners do for you. 


6 Benefits Of Using Air Fresheners And Odour Neutralisers

Air fresheners have been around for centuries. Ancient civilisations burned incense, so that its smoke could mask other, less pleasant odours. Today, due to advances in technology, air fresheners do more that provide a delightful fragrance- they also neutralize the odours. They also come in numerous forms, so you can get the one that particularly matches your taste. 


1. They bring fragrance 

This is why you need them in the first place. We all want that fresh feeling you get when you're at a waterfall, or out in a tropical island resort. Air fresheners and odour neutralisers leave a light and fresh fragrance behind. You don't have to worry about only getting one scent. There are plenty of aromas to choose from. You can give each room the feel you desire. Your family will be happy, friends and family visiting you will be delighted. A car air freshener will bring an enjoyable ambience when you’re out on a drive. This is also beneficial in areas of work. One of the keys to running a successful business to attract a large customer base. As a business owner, you can accomplish this by minimizing unpleasant odours in your workplace fabrics and carpet. Greet your customers with a pleasant aroma that’s more inviting and will keeps them stimulated as they buy your products or seek your services.


2. Flexible to use 

An air freshener can be installed virtually anywhere that a fresh fragrance is desired- from offices, meeting rooms and care homes to hotels, reception areas and school classrooms. There are even air fresheners that are designed for you to keep your car smelling new. You can get air fresheners with fans that you can turn on in high traffic areas in buildings and turn off when there are less visitors. There also many designs to choose from, that cater to your needs for convenience and aesthetic appeal. There are sleek and classy designs to bring elegance into your home, and they come with safety features to prevent children and pets from tampering with them. You can use car air fresheners to keep your car elegant at all times.


3. They use natural components 

Most air fresher services incorporate natural essential oils when making their scents. The fresheners don't have volatile organic compounds or aerosol chemicals that affect your health. 


4. Neutralize the odour

No one likes the wave of bad odour that comes when you walk into a bathroom. You don't want to simply mask the smell and have to deal with it once the air freshener runs out. That's why you need to get the right product. Go for air fresheners that neutralize and eliminate the odours completely. They give you a truly fresh and clean smell.


5. They are mood changers

Sometimes you're in an off-mood. Someone may have made you angry at work, you may be frustrated due to a recent occurrence in your life or your kids may be upset. You may feel like to need to go on vacation. You want a break to relax and take the edge off, but you haven't got the time. Getting the fragrance of a natural flower or scent of the lavish mountain side will lift your spirits, give you peace of mind, and leave you relaxed. There are air fresheners with aromatherapy scents that can be beneficial in businesses with stressful atmospheres. Some fragrances in air fresheners come with unique healing properties. For instance, the scent of cinnamon renowned for soothing the nerves and suppressing appetite, lavender relieves headaches, while jasmine decreases levels of depression and general malaise.


6. Improve your health 

There are pathogens in the air around us. These microorganisms are responsible for most respiratory problems. There are various products available that are designed to destroy the viruses, germs, and microorganisms, helping to achieve a high level of sanitation in community areas. Air fresheners with natural oil extracts will eradicate the pathogens, from your bathrooms and locker rooms, and even in your vehicles. They will leave you healthy and feeling fresh. 


Common Sources Of Odours In Our Everyday Lives

Air fresheners and dour neutralisers are effective, but you also need to know what's causing the problem. Some of these are obvious, and some require us to dig deeper into the structure of our residences. Let's break it down into 3: your home, workplace and cars. 


1. Causes Of Odours In Households

· Sink pipes.

Grime builds up in sink pipes. You can narrow down sour smell to a single drain. Bends in the pipes - called P-traps - collect stuff like hair, gel, toothpaste, dirt and other kinds of gunk that reek when they sit there long enough. A high quantity can even obstruct the pipe. 

· A foul dishwasher

A crimped drain hose, or bits of food and gunk at the bottom of the machine create a strong odour. First clean the machine and let the odour neutraliser do the rest. 

· The toilet

It's the most common source of odour in homes. With the consistent level of usage it gets, getting an air freshener for it should be a month your top priorities. When this frequently used bathroom fixture needs deodorizing, pour 1 cup of household vinegar into the bowl and let it stand for at least 5 minutes. Scrub briskly and flush.

· A rarely-used bathroom.

Even though you don't use a bathroom in your house, it doesn't mean that it'll remain fresh. Take the guest bathroom for instance. There can be a methane-sulphur smell coming from its sink or shower drain. Why does this happen? The plumbing pipes leading to the sewer are designed with suction to keep sewer-gas fumes out of your drains. For them to work properly, they need to hold a small amount of water. When the water evaporates from your drains, the sewer gases build up, causing fumes to waft up through the drain and into the bathroom.

· Pet urine.

Your lovable household pet could be the cause of foul odours in your home. It's not really its fault- when nature calls you have to answer. It may have simply done its business on your carpet. The smell and stain can fade, but the odour will return whenever you have the rug cleaned or the house gets humid. Your pooch or kitty itself may not be smelling so pleasant. Give it a quick bath and then use the odour neutraliser to freshen up your house. 

· Stinky trash

Garbage in the bin will start decomposing if kept there for quite a while. In fact, some bits and debris may already smelly by the time you're throwing them in it. The garbage disposal can also be sour-smelling. 

· A burnt-on food spill

Food from your casserole dish may have bubble over onto the stovetop or oven floor. Even after you clean it up, there'll be an odour let lingering in the air.

· Cigarette Smoke.


Is anyone in your home a smoker? Or perhaps you've just bought a house in which the former resident used to smoke. If this is the case, then there's a high chance that there are smoke particles trapped in the carpets, air ducts and even the walls.

· A smelly microwave

Burnt popcorn comes with an awful stench seems to hang around forever, but it an air freshener can fix the problem in a jiffy. 

· Your freezer

Anything that's been there for a long time will make the air stale. When you open the freezer, the stale air will permeate in the room. 

· Wooden cutting boards and counters

With time, they get rancid- especially if used frequently and not properly cleaned and let to dry. 

· Basement


How much aeration does your basement get? It's bound to get stuffy. Mould and mildew may also be a problem. You can use of activated charcoal to absorb moisture, and then an air freshener to make your dank basement to feel as if it's in a tropical rain forest. 


· Your water heater.

The problem here is usually the water heater's anode rod being shot. The metal rod is a "sacrificial anode", designed to deteriorate in order to protect the other exposed metals in the tank. The rods usually last between six months to six years or more. It depends on how much soft water you use. To know if the water heater is the problem, fill your sink with hot water and let it sit for a minute. Put your nose close to the water and take a deep breath. If it smells bad, then the water heater is the problem.


· Dingy carpets

Over time, your carpets builds up dirt. Its fibres also traps air, causing it to go stale. After vacuuming it, and air freshener will help you get back the atmosphere you love in your home.


· A stale closet

How often do you clear our and clean your closet? How long have your clothes remained in there untouched? They trap air. When air is prevented from circulating, it becomes stale. You can easily notice it when you open the closet and are hit by a wave of musty air. 


· Short rooftop vents.

Plumbing systems typically vent through the roof. Sometimes breezes create positive pressure in the vent - which is designed to release sewer gas into the air - forcing the gas back into the house. For instance, if your vent is on the north-side, and there are winds from the south and southwest that hit the south side of the roof, rolling down to the north side. 


· Your kitchen

It's arguably the busiest section of the house. There'll be lingering smells left after cooking items like fish and cabbage. Even the fridge is a source of pungent smells, especially if you've stored things in there for months. 


· A washing machine that's a front-loader.

The door seal on a front-load washing machine is airtight, designed to keep water from spilling out. This presents a problem when you close the door after emptying the machine. The water left does not have an escape route- it can't evaporate. This leads to the growth of mould and mildew. 


2. Causes Of Odours In The Workplace

A day at the office can turn into a nightmare due to offensive smells. Usually it’s caused by bad breath and body odour. Sometimes a fellow colleague can come to work doused in too much aftershave. Have you ever walked into a busy office at lunch time? People may have brought in food that's meat to be eaten out in fresh air instead of the confined office space- from a re-heated garlic dinner, raw onions, fish, burritos, limburger cheese and even cooked asparagus. People enjoy hard boiled eggs and tuna sandwiches in their cubicles. Sure they are sweet and scrumptious, but the smell permeating the workplace space will make it unbearable to those working there. It's especially worse when everyone come with (or orders) a particularly strong dish, and it all mixes up in the air with. 

Even computers are a problem. First, there are those who eat at the desk- there are sticky keys, crumbs of the keyboard, and bacteria to contend with. Then there’s the smell of hot electronics- an overheated cable producing a plastic smell, or the computer's fan being blocked with dust. 

Everyone loves caffeine. However, coffee makers, cups, and wet coasters can create an offensive smell when left to sit. There can also be spilled coffee grounds or moisture deposits under a leaky carafe. They can even form mould, and that's where things really start to go downhill. It's easy to forget your coffee sup due to the pressures of work, budgeting and running around the office. 

Clutter-especially piles of paper- has a distinctive smell. An air freshener can prevent your office from smelling like an antique book store. Food spills and coffee stains on office chairs are fairly common, and often overlooked. There can be loose dirt and dust that should be vacuumed, and then you can use the air freshener to fix the atmosphere in your office.

In restrooms, break rooms and many additional areas, there can be odours emanating from sinks, drains or other sources of water. The problem is usually not the sink or the drain itself but the sink trap below it, where hair, food particles and other debris are trapped — they breed bacteria and create foul-smelling gases. Cleaning the systems using liquid cleaners and using an odour neutraliser will produce a fresh-smelling workplace.


3. Causes Of Odours In Cars

"Your car reeks". That is both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Just like your home, your car is also susceptible to moisture problems, which ultimately leads to mould and unpleasant odours. Sometimes the car just smells musty or stale. The common causes of car odours include: 


· Trash

You may have gone on a car-camping trip with your family, a drive-in with your friends, and tossed paper, trash and scraps all over the seats- that will leave your car smelling awful. Get rid of the trash and use an air freshener to bring back the relaxing fragrance.


· Food remains

A to-go container of curry can foul up your car by the time get home from the restaurant. The kids may have spilled food or beverages. Coffee stains can leave an awful stench. 


· Cigarette smoke

If you let your friend light up just once in your car you'll rue that day for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you've just bought a used car, or inherited a car from a smoker- you'll remove the cigarette smell from the vehicle. It may have taken months for the smoke to permeate in the vehicle. Luckily, you can fix it will an odour neutraliser.


· Dirty clothes

Did you leave your gym clothes in your car? Are there sneakers or wet swimsuits in your trunk? Did you return from a journey across the country side and leave your sweat-drenched jacket draped on the car seat? Take them out, and use an air freshener to stop your car from smelling like a high school locker room.


Guide To Buying Air Fresheners

They come different brands, scents, styles and prices. There are fragrance-free options that are only intended to neutralize odours. There are also air fresheners that carry out both tasks of eliminating the odours and leaving behind a fresh and clean scent. There are also those that have disinfectant properties, and help you promote a healthy environment. There are various factors you need to consider when making your purchase:


· Purpose

What do you intend to use the air freshener for? Is it for your business premises or your car? Is it for your home? Where will it be put? In the living room, bedroom or bathroom? If you are trying to give the environment an enjoyable feeling, you should choose an air freshener with a light, airy smell. Different air fresheners are designed for different locations, and there is also the aroma factor. You should decide which scent you want, and this will be determined by where exactly you want to put the air freshener. 


· Type of air freshener

There are different forms to choose from, as they vary in the scent that they dispense, and in the way that the scent is dispersed. One of the most popular option is sprays. They come with a push-button mechanism. For some of them you can adjust the pressure to determine the amount of fragrance released. There is a plug-in option, where you plug the air freshener into an electrical socket, and it sends out waves of fragrant scents. Gel air-fresheners are made of a jelly-like substance that contains the scent. When it expose to air, the gel releases the fragrance into the environment. There are also reed diffusers- these are small vase or bottles filled with fragrant oil. They have thin bamboo reeds that act as wicks to distribute the fragrance across a room.


· Scents

What kind of ambience do you want? Light scents are popular for their discreteness, while stronger scents can be used for heavy odour control. There are also natural air fresheners which are ideal for those who want an organic alternative, or persons who have allergies. You also need to consider scent-release time. This depends whether you want an automated odour control system or a passive system. The automated system continuously keeps the place smelling great, without having to manually operate the air freshener. The passive systems such as spays are great for controlled systems and instant solutions for getting rid of odours. Finally, when it comes to design, you should decide whether you want an air freshener that you will conceal, or one blends with the surroundings.

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