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-very powerful bactericidal deodoriser with cherry fragrance

-suitable for use on carpets and all types of fabric sofas

-it will act as an odour neutraliser & air freshener

-it will get rid of urine odours,smoke, vomit, pet odours

-this is a highly concentrated bactericidal deodoriser


Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer - Where to use

Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer is a professional bactericidal deodoriser that can be used on most types of carpets, fabrics, rugs, curtains, car seats, walls, ceilings, etc. It can be used on any type of surface where a bad odour exists. Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer is not your usual deodoriser. There is no other product like this available in Ireland. This powerful bactericidal deodoriser will find the source of the odour and it will get rid of it. One treatment should be enough to get rid of most types of bad odours.


Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer - How to use it

Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer is a ready to use product. You can use it to spray carpets, curtains, rugs, sofas, upholstery, etc. You can also add it to the solution tank in a carpet cleaning machine or a floor scrubber dryier. Most people just use the spray to spray it all over the affected areas. The product will not affect the area where it was sprayed in any negative way. Some bad odours might require few treatments before is erased. If a carpet or a sofa is affected, close all the windows and doors and spray this powerful bactericidal deodoriser. Allow few hours to work and then open the windows and ventilate the room. This product is suitable for use in commercial and domestic jobs.


Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer - Safety

Even if Craftex Cherry Twist is a very soft product, please store it away from kids and pets. Kids could confuse it for a soft drink due to its pleasant perfume. Do not mix it with other deodorisers to avoid reactions.


This powerful bactericidal deodoriser is a very popular product. The carpet cleaning industry can`t get enough of it. It will deodorise any type of surface and it will refresh the whole room. Try it today and start impressing your customers.


Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer - professional results for less!



Craftex Cherry Twist Sprayer 1L

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