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-professional carpet spot & stain remover

-suitable for most types of carpet & sofas

-very fast acting & very efficien stain remover

-removes coffee stains, tea stains, food stains, etc

-suitable for the commercial & domestic market

-highly active foam that can be used fotr manual cleaning

-dries to a non sticky residue that can be hoovered away


Craftex Crystal Spot Remover - Where to use

This high quality spot & stain remover can be used to remove most types of organing stains from carpets, upholstery, chairs, curtains,etc. Craftex Crystal Spot Remover is a highly active solution that will break up most types of stains. Highly efficien on coffee and tea stains. This super carpet stain remover can be used by professionals or by domestic people. Much more efficient that other brands of stains removers and much cheaper. Efficient on all types of catpets of fabrics.


Craftex Crystal Spot Remover - How to use

Like all Craftex products, Craftex Crystal Spot Remover is a very easy to use product. Just hoover up the carpet or the sofa  and spray this highly active foam on the spot. Allow about 2 to 5 minutes to work and scrub the area with a brush. You can dry it up with a towel or you can wait to dry and then hoover up the powder. This superb carpet stain remover will dry up in a non sticky powder. If the results are not as good as expected from the first operation, you can do it one more time. Craftex Crystal Stain Remover is the carpet spot remover you were always looking for. Cheap & efficient. Hundreds of irish people are using this high quality stain remover to keep their carpets spot free.


Craftex Crystal Spot Remover - Afordability

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to remove few stains it will cost you between 50€ to 70€. You can buy Craftex Crystal Spot Remover for only a fraction of that cost and you could remove spots from your carpets for months. It makes a lot of financial sense to use this products and we can guarantee you that you will be impressed. Your carpet cleaning contractor will be using more or less the same products.


Craftex Crystal Spot Remover - Safety

This carpet spot remover is a highly active foam. Please keep away from kids and pets and use gloves when using it. Do not mix this product with other carpet spot removers and store it in a cool place. This is a ready to use spot remover and no dilution is required.


Try Craftex Crystal Spot Remover now. It will save you money and it will work where other products have failed. This product is a well kept secret between the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry. If an accident happens and your carpet or upholstery is badly stained, please do not use cooking powder or other products recommended on the internet. Just order this professional quality spot remover now and your stains will be gone in no time.


If you are a professional carpet cleaning contractor looking for a top of the range spot remover, please try Craftex Crystal Spot Remover now. Stains that you could not remove before will be gone in seconds.

Craftex Crystal Stain Remover - professional results for less!

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