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Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

-one of the most cost effective carpet cleaning shampoos

-it is highly efficient, highly perfumed and very fast acting

-it is suitable to use with all types of extraction systems

-it is suitable for use with hot and cold extraction systems

-for better results please use a dilution of at least 1 to 50

-it can be used for cleaning carpets, sofas, rugs, mattresses

-there is no cheaper carpet cleaning shampoo out there

-it is suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs


Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Where to use

If you are one of these people that hate carpet cleaning powders, you need to try Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo. This product was designed to get rid of all types of stains and general dirt from carpets, rugs, upholstery, sofas, chairs, curtains, etc. It contains a pleasant perfume. It will break dirt instantly and it will deodorise in one go. Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning can be used for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. It will clean with ease and it will leave no residue when dry. No antifoam products are required because this carpet cleaning shampoo will generate very little foam. It can be used with all types of hot or cold extraction systems.


Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning  Shampoo – How to use

This product needs to be diluted before using it. The dilution rate can vary from job to job. A standard dilution rate is 1 to 50 but if the surface that needs to be cleaned is very dirty, the dilution rate can be decreased to 1 to 20. If the surface that needs to be cleaned is pretty clean, the dilution rate can go to 1 to 100. Like all other types of carpet cleaning shampoos, Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will work twice as well if mixed with warm water. Some very stained surfaces might require a pre spray with specific stain removers. Please mix the carpet cleaning shampoo in a bucket before pouring it in the solution tank.


Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Cost Effective

Why pay a lot when you can pay little for a product that does the same job? Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is budget carpet cleaning shampoo designed to achieve great results for as little money as possible. We can guarantee you that this product will impress you. Other types of carpet cleaning shampoos cost 3 times more and are not better than E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo. If you own a carpet cleaning machine or a carpet cleaning company, you need to have a look at this product. Samples are available upon request.


You are just about to start saving money. Don’t waste your money in products that cost twice or three times as much than Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo but provide the same results. Just drop around our office now and we will show you how to use it to achieve the best results. Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will prove to be a very good investment.



Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Professional results for less!


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