Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L

Product Description

 Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

-superb quality 100% natural made carpet cleaning shampoo

-suitable for washing carpets, sofas, upholstery, rugs, curtains

-suitable to use in conjunction with all carpet extraction systems

-it will deep clean with ease and it will leave no residue or perfume

-capable of removing all types of food stains, oil based stains, tea, etc

-suitable for commercial carpet cleaning & domestic carpet cleaning

-highly recommended for cleaning carpets in hospitals & schools


Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo - 100% natural & 100% efficient!


Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Review

Carpets can get filthy real fast. They catch anything falling onto the floor, from food crumbs and drink spills, to shed hair and skin particles. The higher the traffic, the dirtier the carpet gets. People track in soiling from the environment, and it eventually ends up in the fibres. Don't forget the dust and pollen particles being filtered out of the air and getting trapped in the carpet. In fact, the carpet can hold up to 4 times its own weight in dirt. The visible soiling that makes it look dull and unkempt is just a fraction of the grime that's located deep within the fibres. It ranges from ordinary soiling, to pollutants like lead and cigarette smoke particles. You need a tough cleaning agent to restore your carpet to a clean and fresh state. Turn to the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo.


Even your upholstery needs cleaning. You spend your evenings lounging on your couch, relaxing after a busy day at the office. You leave behind body waste like skin cells that are shed naturally. The organic matter provides nourishment for microbes like dust mites, which could be forming colonies on your upholstery. The faecal matter and body fragments they leave behind will make you keep scratching yourself each time you relax back on your favourite seat. Your kids and pets love hopping around on the furniture, bringing soiling and pet hair onto it. Each time you snack while binge watching your favourite shows, some food residue is left on the furniture. Then there'll be stains from the occasional drink spills, or in case your furry friend leaves urine spots. All these cause odours. You don’t want to invite a date over to a grubby looking and musky smelling home. You want a product that can clean your furniture upholstery and enhance its appeal. That's a job for the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo.


Benefits Of The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

1. Thorough cleaning action

You get to have clean and fresh carpets and upholstery. The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo comes with plant active agents that get rid of the dirt and soiling on your items. As you agitate it into the material, it forms a micro-foam that cleans the grime and gunks off the pile, and it doesn't saturate the fibres. The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo enables you to bring back a clean and revitalised look to your interior space. Guests to your home will be impressed. Your employees at the workplace will be more productive, as they'll be motivated by the clean environment. You'll even give customers to your premises a positive impression of your business, making them more likely to buy your products and services.


2. Safe cleaner

The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo agents are gentle on your surfaces. It's an eco-friendly product, which is also safe to use around kids and pets. It doesn’t have any chemical allergens and synthetic fragrances. The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo preserves the indoor air quality, and can be used in both residential and commercial establishments. The cleaning action of the shampoo also enhances the health and hygiene of the establishment. By getting rid of the dirt and grime in your carpets and upholstery, you'll be reducing the number of microbes like bacteria and dust mites crawling all over, thus averting health risks and preventing allergic reactions. You'll protect the health of your family at home, and cut down the number of sick-days that will be given out to employees at your office building. 


3. Multipurpose

You can use the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo on all kinds of carpets and upholstery. It's effective on materials made from both synthetic and natural fibres, from wool, silk and cotton, to seagrass, goat hair, coir, and even sisal. You can also use the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo to clean oriental rugs and fringes. It’s easy to use. You can apply it without diluting for heavily soiled areas, or mix it with water for light cleaning. It’s effective for deep cleaning your entire carpet, or doing spot treatments in case of those coffee spills in the morning before you go to work, or dealing with caked-on food residue after dinner.


4. Wide area coverage

The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo gives you more bang for your buck. You only need a little product for each cleaning session. 1 litre of the shampoo covers up to 60m2 of material. This enables you to make cost savings on your monthly cleaning expenditure. This also reduces the amount of cleaning supplies and storage space you need, as each purchase of the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo takes you for the long haul. 


How To Use The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

It’s a simple process. Follow these steps: 


1. Start by dusting or vacuuming the surface you intend to clean. This will get rid of the loose debris.

2. Shake the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo bottle. This is to even out the cleaning agents, and enhance the efficacy of the shampoo. 

3. Spray the shampoo onto a cleaning brush, then scrub it into the surface that needs to be cleaned. Use a natural bristle brush.

4. Extract the mixture of the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo and residue using a wet extraction machine. Alternatively, you can wait for it to dry. During the drying process, it will crystallise together with the soiling, making it easy to remove using a dry vacuum.


Tips For Using The Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo


· Moisten the brush with water before applying the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo.

· Avoid over-shampooing the carpet, especially for sensitive material like sisal.

· Depending on the level of soiling on the carpet, you can use the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo as is, straight out of the bottle, or dilute it using a 1:10 ratio (like mixing 10ml of Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo with 100ml of water). 

· In case you’re not certain of the safety and compatibility of the shampoo with your carpet, you can do a spot test for material stability and colour fastness. 

· Vacuum the carpet regularly to reduce the amount of dirt particles getting lodged in the fibres. 

· Use the Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo to spot treat spills and stains as soon as they occur. Fresh stains are easier to eliminate.

Craftex Ecotex Carpet Shampoo


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