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Craftex Extra-Solv 1L

-a solvent highly active stain remover

-it will dissolve oil based stains instant

-to be used on carpets and all fibres

-powerful spot remover and booster

-it removes fake tan and all oil stains

-it is suitable for professional cleaning

Craftex Extra-Solv 1L Review

Some stains need more that the conventional treatment products to get them off your fabrics. Oil based stains, polishes, spills from your cosmetic products, all through to stubborn grease residue- they cling onto the fibres, defying scrubbing efforts and costing you loads of time and energy. Perhaps you were in a hurry applying makeup and nail polish, when some drops accidentally made it onto your favourite coat. You may have been carrying out some renovation works in your home or commercial premises, and some paint ended up on the carpeting and upholstery. It may even the result of cooking operations, where some grease splatters wind up on your fabrics as you prepare those sumptuous meals. Whether it’s a recent accident or the grime has built up over time, the spots need extra measures to be put in place to get rid of them. Otherwise you could deplete your cleaning solutions, drenching the area in an attempt to remove the stain. You want a product that has been formulated to tackle these situations. That’s what you get from the Craftex Extra-Solv 1L.

Benefits Of The Craftex Extra-Solv 1L

1. High powered solvent

The Craftex Extra-Solv 1L ramps up the effectiveness of your cleaning solutions, enabling you to easily remove the stubborn dirt, grease and other oil based stains that are on the fabrics. It’s specially designed to be added to the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner, but you can also use it to directly treat stains like paint, polishes, some hair dyes and cosmetic stains.

2. Multiple uses

Whether you’re looking for an additive solvent to mix with and enhance the power of your dry cleaner, or a pre-spotter to dissolve oil based stains before you proceed with the rest of the regular cleaning, the Craftex Extra-Solv 1L is up to the task. However, note that the product shouldn’t be applied to rubber or bitumen carpet backings.

3. Easy application

Simply dilute 50-100ml of the Craftex Extra-Solv 1L with 5L of the Fabric Dry cleaner (depending on the level of staining). Once the solution is ready, proceed with the cleaning as is indicated on the equipment label of the machine you’re using, or the instructions of the hand-cleaning method. When using that Craftex Extra-Solv 1L as a pre-spotter, apply it onto the affected area using a terry towel.

Since it's a solvent, some safety precautions need to be made. It's a highly flammable product, and hence should be kept away from sources of ignition. This also means that you shouldn’t smoke while you use it. In addition, during application it’s recommended that you always wear a solvent mask to protect yourself from the vapours, and work in a well-ventilated space.

4. Easy on your wallet

You want to get rid of the oil based stains without distorting your budget. The affordable pricing of the Craftex Extra-Solv 1L enables you to do so. Since it’s a highly powerful agent, minimal quantities are required for the various cleaning tasks. Moreover, by cranking up the power of your Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner, it results in less product consumption, thus reducing the amount you spend on your cleaning supplies.

Craftex Extra-Solv 1L

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