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-craftex heavy duty jet kleen is an excellent traffic film remover 

-heavy duty professional detergent suitable for pressure washing

-it will remove with ease all types of grease, fats and dirt build up

-it works as efficient with cold or hot pressure washing systems

-its very high dilution rate makes it very efficient & cost effective 

-suitable for domestic use or for heavy duty commercial usage 



Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen

Cars interiors and exteriors represent who you are. Washing the car can be a daunting job, yet most people spend two or more hours in them. Who doesn’t love being in a clean and shiny car? Using the right shampoos and conditioners will determine how long your car will maintain the shine. Before you indulge in washing your car, do some thorough research and ensure that you use the right cleaners. Cleaners may differ depending on the paintwork and also the body of the car.

The greatest mistake you can make is using the wrong cleaning products. Wrong products do more harm than good. You may not notice at the beginning, but with time the paintwork starts peeling off, creating grimy smears and little scratches. Unsuitable products may cost you a lot of money on paintwork, yet you could have saved all this by buying the best detergent.

All detergents are not the same. Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen is designed to remove outdoor oil and grease without harming the exterior paint finish.

Features of Craftex Heavy Duty

-it’s a film remover designed for cleaning cars.
-It can be used with pressuren .
-Craftex is an outstanding traffic film remover for cleaning cars
-Using in hot or cold pressure washers is safe.
-it dries to shine
-it has pH 13
-it is effective at only 2% dilution rate.

How to clean your car using Craftex

1. Remove everything from your car that will distract your cleaning such as baby seats and car mats. Assemble them in one area near you, so you know where everything is located.

2. Park your vehicle in the shade or under a tree and allow it to cool off.

3. Pour Craftex in a bucket and add water using a hose pipe or any other means. Enable the water to get soapy and bubbly.

4.Rinse off the car using plain water to clear all the dust and grime on the body. When you start washing directly before rinsing off the dust, the cloth that you are using for cleaning scratches the car’s paint finish.

5. Use a soft cloth to clean the car. Dip the cloth in the Craftex and wipe down the vehicle. You may start from the front heading to the rear. Always start from the top heading to the bottom.

6. Always clean your piece of cloth with clear water before putting it back in the Craftex soapy water.

7. Rinse the vehicle with a hosepipe or pressure washer. Ensure you are quick enough cleaning so that the soapy water does not dry on the vehicle’s body.

8. Clean the when using a different piece of cloth or sponge.

9. Rinse the wheels and clear all the soap. Dry the car with a clean piece of cloth.

10. Apply car polish on the body and clean using a soft sponge. Car polish ensures that oxidation is rubbed off. You can use this step once in a while if you do not find it necessary to buffer every time you clean your car.

11. Apply tire shine and allow the vehicle to dry under a shade.

Benefits of using Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen

1. Guarantee
Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen promises to retain the paint on your vehicle in the same condition. You are guaranteed of no long term effects such as chipping or dulling of the paint. Read the instructions carefully on the bottle and follow to ensure that you mix with the correct ratios.
2. The shine
Craftex has unique ingredients that give your vehicle an excellent shine after washing. Typical car shampoos may be able to clean your car well, but for that extra shine, Craftex Heavy duty Jet kleen carries the day. It is a high quality, provides the desired results and gives your vehicle a shiny coat that makes it look as good as new.
3. Cost
Thou Craftex Heavy Duty prices are a little bit higher than other ordinary shampoos in the market you may save a lot of money. Substandard car cleaner does not offer long term results, and you will need to keep washing your car almost after every two days to see results. Washing your car yourself may be cost saving because you know the products you are using that are required for your car. If you cannot clean for yourself, always carry Craftex Heavy Duty to the car wash.

Five essential tips to help you keep your car sparkling clean.

1. To wash your car properly, you need a starter park with the right tools. A hose pipe, two buckets, a clean sponge or towel, Craftex Heavy Duty and a microfiber towel. Do not use any other detergent other than the one’s meant for car cleaning purposes.
2. Always wash your car in the shade and never under the sun. If you clean your car under the sun, the soapy water will dry too quickly on the car’s body and leave spots.
3. Use two buckets. The biggest mistake people make while washing cars is using one bucket. Using one bucket of water to clean and rinse your vehicle will make no difference. You will be returning the dirt on the car’s body as you rinse the sponge or towel.
4. Don’t use the same sponge to clean wheels and car’s body. Wheels collect all sort of dirt and using the same sponge to clean may cause scratches on the car paint.
5. Wash the car by sections. Rinse the car thoroughly then apply Craftex Heavy Duty in a systematic manner. Start from the roof then windows, then bonnet, doors, bumper and finally wheels. You can also clean the wheels first as long as you do not use the same bucket water.

Safety precaution when using Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen

1. Keep away from children. If children are helping you in washing your vehicle, supervise them closely to avoid accidents.
2. Wear gloves when cleaning your car using Craftex . Gumboots too are necessary protective gear when washing your vehicle.
3. If ingested, give the victim plenty of milk or clean water and visit the hospital as soon as possible.
4. Store Craftex in a cool, dry place and away from other chemicals.
5. Follow the Craftex instructions to the letter.

Craftex Heavy Duty Jet Kleen

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