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- high quality carpet insecticide and bugs remover

- it will remove most types of carpet bugs & mites

- it will protect your carpet & your fabric for up to 12 months

- this product will neutralise insect eggs and larvae

- 1 spray bottle will treat around 25 square meter

- safe for kids, pets, old people and pregnant women

Craftex Insecticide is the insect enemy no 1. This product will get rid of all types of insects and its eggs and it will protect your carpet, sofa or mattress, for up to 12 months. This superb insecticide is safe to use around pets, kids and pregnant woman


Craftex Insecticide - Where to use

You can use this strong insecticide on all types of carpets, fabrics, upholstery, curtains, etc. Please do a test before using it on the full surface. Some fibre could react with this product and discolorations can happen. This product is ready to use and it cannot be mixed with any other cleaning products or additives. After the area was deep cleaned, please spray Craftex Insecticide all over the infested area.


Craftex Insecticide - How to use

Like all other Craftex products, Craftex Insecticide is a very easy to use product and no special training is required. Just spray in the direction of the affected area and allow some time to work. One single treatment should protect your carpet for up to 12 month. Do not over use to avoid fibre damaging. If you plan to treat a big commercial carpet, you can apply Craftex Insecticide with the help of a pressure pump to speed up the process.


Craftex Insecticide - Safety

Even if this product is safe to use around kids, pets and pregnant women, you will need to store it away in a safe place. Do not mix up this product with any other chemicals to avoid reactions. Just use as recommended and you will be ok. Please use a pair of latex gloves to avoid contact with your skin.


Craftex Insecticide is a high quality product. This magic product is highly recommended for use in schools or child minding businesses where huge amounts of kids are using one room. One treatment per year will prevent most types of infections. Suitable for commercial and domestic jobs. If you require more information about craftex insecticide please contact us.

Craftex Insecticide - professional cleaning for less!


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