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-neutral PH cleaner to be used with all water extraction machines

-highly recommended for cleaning sensitive fibre and wool

-Liquid Wool Care  contains a very pleasant lavender deodoriser

-works as efficient in conjunction with cold or warm water

-its very high dilution rate makes it durable & very cost effective



Craftex Liquid Woolcare - Where to use


This high quality liquid wool care product can be used to clean all types of wool carpets and sensitive fibre that sometimes could react with strong carpet cleaning detergents. Craftex Liquid Woolcare will softly remove all the dirt from the wool surface without affecting the colour of the surface. This product is suitable for cleaning old antique wool rugs as well. It will clean and refresh the surface with a nice lavender perfume. Craftex Liquid Woolcare is a very eco friendly cleaning product as well.


Craftex Liquid Woolcare - How to use


Use Craftex Liquid Woolcare as your normal carpet cleaning shampoo. Use the right dilution to avoid waste and wash your carpet or upholstery as usual. The only difference between woolcare and a standard carpet cleaning shampoo is the fact that woolcare is very gentle on sensitive fibre. Many carpet cleaning contractors have had bad experiences with using high PH carpet cleaning detergents on wool. If you need to clean wool, use Craftex Liquid Woolcare.


Craftex Liquid Woolcare - Dilution


This professional liquid wool cleaner requires dilution to be at its best. The standard dilution required is 1 to 100 but you can increase or reduce the dilution with the job requirements. Very dirty wool surfaces will require a stronger concentration of agent while light cleans will require a less concentrated dilution. Avoid wasting your product away and use the recommended dilution rate.


Try Craftex Liquid  Woolcare now and see what you think. Hundreds of carpet cleaning contractors are using this product daily.



Craftex Liquid Woolcare - professional results for less!

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