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Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML

  • Professional natural odour neutraliser and deodoriser

  • Suitable for refreshing all water washable surfaces

  • PH 6.75 , very long lasting, ready to use, affordable

  • Can be used as a surface cleaner and deodoriser

  • Neutralises food, pet, damp, smoke & urine odours

  • Recommended for domestic and commercial use

  • Can be used on carpets, fabrics, clothes, sofas, rugs

  • Finds the source of the odour and eliminates it

  • For once off use or for daily fabric refreshing & deodorising

Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML - Where to use

Try the new natural range of odour neutralisers and surface deodorisers from Craftex. You can use the Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML to get rid of all types of bad odours and to prevent odours from developing. A bactericidal deodoriser will react with the source of bad odour and it will neutralise it. It can be used to remove vomit, urine, food, pet, damp & smoke odours from fabrics, carpets, curtains, clothes, etc. 

Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML - How to use

Close all the windows and spray the product all over the room. Do not open the windows for a few hours. When treating very badly affected areas you will need to apply it a few times to remove the bad odour fully. Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML can be used as an air freshener and surface deodoriser as well. After vacuuming the whole place, apply the product all over the sofas & curtains. You will notice a pleasant mint fragrance all over your home. 

The new Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML is easy to use, very safe and recommended for commercial and domestic use. The product will not react with any surfaces and it is not known to affect people with allergies.

Craftex Mint & Tea Tree Sprayer 750 ML

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