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Craftex Orange Gel

-natural solvent gel spot & stain remover

-contains a very fresh orange fragrance

-suitable for all types of carpets & fabrics

-will remove blu tack, oil, grease & gum

-eco friendly natural stain & spot remover

-highly concentrated & very efficient stain remover


Craftex Orange Gel - Where to use

Craftex Orange Gel is a highly efficient natural stain & spot remover. It contains a very strong orange perfume. Craftex Orange Gel is suitable for all known types of carpets and most types of fabrics. It will work on rugs, curtains, upholstery, carpets, etc. Craftex Orange Gel is a highly efficient spot remover that works fast and it costs very little money. 1 l of stain remover should last for months due to its high concentration and gel like composition.


Craftex Orange Gel - How to use

Just pour a bit of Craftex Orange Gel on the spot and allow time to work. It will remove most types of organic stains, oils, chewing gum, tar, some fake tan and coffee spots. Some heavy duty stains will require some type of agitation to break the stain. You can use a normal semi hard brush to scrub the stain a bit. After the stain was broken in particles, you can remove the waste with a dry towel or a carpet cleaning machine if you are a contractor.


Craftex Orange Gel - Dilution

This is a ready to use stain & spot remover so it can be used as it is. Do not mix with other stain & spot remover to avoid reactions. Many professional carpet cleaning companies are using Craftex Orange Gel as a deodoriser for carpets. Yogu can add 10 ml per full tank of solution to get that lovely orange perfume all over your carpet or sofa.


Try Craftex Orange Gel now and we can guarantee you that you will love it. This product is highly regarded within the carpet cleaning industry.


Craftex Orange Gel - professional results for less!

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