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 Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer

-highly efficient pet urine and vomit odour neutraliser

-suitable for use on all types of carpets and upholstery

-it will get rid of the odours in a matter of seconds

-suitable to use on all types of wet cleanable surfaces

-it will kill the odour and it will deodorise the whole area

-one of the most cost effective pet odour neutralisers


Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer - Where to use

This highly efficient pet stain spotter and odour neutraliser is sure to impress you. Most pet owners haven't managed to find a professional quality stain and odour remover that works. Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer is the product you always wanted. Pet urine accidents? Pet voma? No problem. Just spray a bit of Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer all over the affected area and allow 3 minutes to work. Dry the area with a towel and repeat the operation if the odour is not removed 100%. This highly efficient pet urine and vomit neutraliser contains a very pleasant perfume. You can use it to treat most types of carpets, fibres, upholstery, rugs, mattresses, curtains, etc. Please do a pretest somewhere in a corner to confirm compatibility.


Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer - How to use

This superb quality product was designed mostly for the domestic market. No special training is required to use this pet urine neutraliser. Just dry the urine with toilet paper or a cloth, apply some pet stain spotter and allow 3 minute to work. Give it a good scrub with a semi hard brush and dry it up with a normal towel. Old urine stains might require few treatments to be fully removed. Voma and faeces issues. Please clean the whole area, remove all the dirt from the carpet or upholstery and then apply Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer. This highly efficient product will work fast and it will get rid of the bad odour pretty fast. Do not use too much product to avoid waste. Just spray a few times all over the stain and wait to react. Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer contains special chemicals that will react and neutralise organic waste. This product is eco-friendly and safe to use around pets, kids and pregnant women.


Don`t put up with bad pet odours. We can provide you with the best solution for much less than you think. Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer was built to work where most other pet urine neutralizers fail. If you require more information about this highly efficient urine neutraliser and odour killer, please contact us now.


Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer - professional results for less!

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