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Craftex Powdered Cotton Cleaner 5KG

-professional powder designed for cleaning cotton upholstery fabrics

-it will deep clean and refresh most types of cotton upholstery fabrics

-suitable for use with all types of extraction carpet cleaning machines

-its huge dilution rate of 1 to 200 makes it very cost effective & durable

-it will leave cotton fibres fresh and at the correct PH level


Craftex Powdered Cotton Cleaner 5KG - Where to use

Highly concentrated carpet cleaning powder, suitable for washing all types of cotton fabrics and carpets. It can be used to wash some types of carpets and some types of sofas. It will deep clean cotton upholstery fabrics and it will leave the fibres at the correct PH level. Craftex Powdered Cotton Cleaner is an acidic cleaning powder suitable to use with all types of extraction machines. Prevents the possibility of browning and halts colour bleed. For better results please use diluted with hot water and test for colour fastness.


Craftex Powdered Cotton Clean 5 KG - How to use

This product is cotton cleaning powder and needs to be used with a hot extraction system. To achieve the best results, please use a dilution rate of 1 to 200. In some cases, where there are heavy duty stains on the cotton, a pre spray treatment with Craftex Pro-Enzyme Solution, might be required to assure 100% stain removing power. Craftex Powdered Cotton Clean 5 KG will break dirt on impact and it will leave a nice deodorising perfume. Just spray and extract the moist. Use the right dilution rate to avoid waste.


You are just about to use a highly concentrated and highly efficient cotton upholstery fabric cleaner. This product works fast and lasts for very long periods of time. If you require more information about this highly efficient upholstery cotton cleaning powder, please call us now and we will be glad to help you out.


Craftex Powdered Cotton Clean 5KG - professional results for less!


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