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-super concentrated carpet cleaning powder

-5 Kg bucket should be enough to clean 100 standard house

-very high dilution rate - use at least 1 to 500

-superb cost effective varpet cleaning powder

-great stain 7 spot removing capabilities

-very low foam carpet cleaning powder


Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - Where to use

This superb quality carpet cleaning powder can be used on most types of carpets & fabrics. It has a pretty low Ph and this make it a very universal carpet cleaning powder. Craftex Premium Clean Powdewr can be used for deep cleaning mattresses, rugs, curtains, sofas, upholstery, etc. If the area is badly stained, please do a pre spray with about 20 minutes before you plan to start the job. Craftex Premium Clean Powder is a multi use powder suitable to clean most types of carpets and fabrics in conjunction with carpet cleaning machine. At its best if mixed up with warm water.


Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - How to use

This professional carpet cleaning powder needs to be mixed in a bucket with warm water and then added to the solution tank in your carpet cleaning machine. Do not just throw it inside the carpet cleaning machine solution tank to avoid blockages. The powder will need to disolve 100% to be as active as it should. Some areas might require a pre spray to soften up the dirt. Most types of organic stains will be removed on impact. In some cases, the use of a low speed buffer in conjunction with a soft nrush might be required. For best results please use Craftex Powdered Enzyme Prespray and then wash the surface as usual with this professional carpet cleaning powder.


Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - Cost effective

If you are one of those carpet or sofa cleaning companies that still use liquid carpet cleaning shampoo, you need to try this high quality carpet cleaning powder. One bucket of Craftex Premium Clean Powder should be enough to deep clean all the carpets in 100 three bed houses. It will cost you in average 30 cents per house. The best advantage of using Craftex Premium Clean Powder is the fact that this product is easy to cary and it reduces the amount of work required to achieve results. Reacts on impact with work and acts very fast. One go over a very dirty area should be enough to get the best possible results.


Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - Safety

This product was designed for the commercial carpet cleaning industry. Store it away in a safe annd dry place. Do not put your hands inside the powder to avoid reactions with your skin over time.


Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - Professional results for less!


Carpet Cleaning Guide

No one likes a dirty or stained carpet. For homeowners, it's a nightmare. For business owners, it drives away your clients. Carpets are under attack from anything that can falls (or spill) onto the floor- from cherries and berries, milk, natural food colourings, fizzy drinks, ink from ballpoint pens, jelly and dark items like wine stains, to oil, wax and even gum. Each you walk across your carpet, whether you're bare feet, in slippers or in shoes, you grind surface dirt deeper into its fibres. Don't forget the various pollutants that are hanging in the air, such as cigarette smoke, dust and various chemicals which penetrate into your carpet. 


Cleaning Your Carpet

Getting a paper cut on your finger and a few blood drops reaching your carpet doesn't mean it’s ruined. Whether your kid has been making crayon marks on your carpet or spilled acrylic paint while painting; the carpet has coffee spills, or it has simply built up dust and dirt, carpet cleaning products have been designed for you. You can even remove the dark stained edges that form where the carpet and baseboard meet. When your pet rolls over on your carpet, its fibres will take in the pet’s odour, and it will stay trapped if you don’t make efforts to clean up the carpet soon. You can get rid of dirty footprints, carpet tea stains, red wine stains, juice stains and even nail polish stains and pet hair. Cleaning your carpet also helps to eliminate microorganisms resulting from things like dust mites, soil, pollen, food particles, and bacteria. This will improve the indoor air quality of your house, and give you a healthier home. 


Carpet stains are ugly and disrupt the whole décor of a room. However, cleaning your carpet no longer has to be a hassle. Gone are the days when you had to “soak" your carpets with water. Plain old soap and water procedures are also not very effective in removing persistent stains and getting rid of deep seated odours. That's where these new innovative carpet cleaning products come in. They take the load off your back. In fact, they are so effective you can have your carpet completely clean in just 30 minutes. For some of them-such as carpet cleaning powders- you simply have to apply, brush slightly, and vacuum. The hardest part of cleaning the carpet is just the effort you’ll need to move furniture, and the short wait for the fibres to dry.


Odour is another problem that homeowners face. The foul smell from a stinking carpet can drive you crazy. You also don't want the stench hitting you guests as soon as they walk through the front door. The common culprits are bacterial and mould. They thrive where moisture is abundant- like when your pet urinates on the carpet, spill a beverage and leave it to settle. Urinary salts can penetrate deep into the carpet, which makes them difficult to break down. A thorough carpet cleaning product will get rid of the organisms, their encapsulated offspring and any spores in the carpet. It's a 3-pronged approach: they remove the urinary salts, kill off the bacteria, and eliminate the moisture.


How Carpet Cleaning Detergents Work

A detergent is essentially a chemical substance that breaks up, and removes, dirt and grime. There are numerous kinds of detergents, from powders to liquid form. Our ancestors used detergents made from natural products like wood ash and goat fat. Today, with advances in technology, manufacturers have blended synthetic chemicals to make the cleaning process easier and faster. Carpet cleaning powders absorb stains and keep them contained as they dry. They also absorb those nasty smells hiding amongst the fibres. Thereafter, you just have to vacuum them away. They are so safe that you can walk on the carpet as you wait for them to dry. 


The liquid detergents have surfactants: German chemist Franz Gunther developed the first surfactant for detergents using coal tar way back in 1916. Today they are more versatile and powerful. The surfactants improve the ability of solvents to spread over surfaces and seep into the dirty carpet fibres. Take water for example. When you pour some on a surface, it forms droplets or flows in streaks. When you break its surface tension, it can spread over a wider area. A surfactant basically reduces the surface tension of water so that it can wet things easily. The surfactant’s molecules also have hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends. The hydrophilic is attracted to water, while the other is attracted to dirt and grease. This helps them to grab a hold of the grease and stains in your carpet, break them up so you can scrub them away.


There are also other ingredients in the detergents such as enzymes. These help to remove food and other deposits. Some have chalk to help in getting rid of grease from spills. You can even find a carpet cleaning detergent with your favourite fragrance. Note that if you want the job done quickly, you should go for a dedicated carpet cleaning powder. The liquids may take hours to dry, which means you won't be able to access the room. 


How To Use Your Carpet leaning Powder

Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, the carpet will eventually fall victim to drops, spills, accidents, and whatever you carry on the bottom of your shoes. Here’s how to get rid of the using the right carpet cleaning powder: 


1. Ventilate the area before you begin. Open up the windows and doors.


2. Sprinkle the cleaning powder generously over the affected area. Ensure you have completely covered the dirt and stains.


3. Lightly brush in the powder. This will activate it. Don't scrub it hard. You can use a regular scrub brush, and a firm toothbrush (for the edges) as needed.


4. Give it time to set and work for you. It will soften the stains and consume the odours. Usually you just need to wait 30 minutes, but you can leave it until it's convenient for you. The carpet cleaning powders do not have toxic chemicals or bleach that can affect your carpet. The longer you wait, the better the result. 


5. Vacuum the powder. If you're working on a large area, you should start vacuuming with a fresh bag or an empty chamber. This will give you more suction.


How To Use Liquid Carpet Cleaning Detergents


Examples of these detergents are shampoos. Follow these steps:

1. First dilute with water. Prepare the solution according to the instruction on the detergent. When you use a concentration that’s stronger than the recommended percentage, it may leave excessive detergent residues in your carpet. The residues may lead to the carpet re-soiling more rapidly.


2. Apply the solution to the affected area- or the entire carpet if you're planning on a full cleaning. Do not over-wet your carpet. Carpet cleaning detergents are chemically active enough, thus they don't need excessive amount of wetting. In fact, the 2 most common problems that occur during carpet cleaning are over-wetting and excessive use of carpet cleaning detergents. They damage the carpet by encouraging mould and mildew growth, and can even separate the backing. In addition, over-wetting can result in issues such as adhesion problems, brownout and carpet shrinkage. Use a hard-bristled brush to scrub the stubborn areas.


3. Allow it to dry. You can use fans in the rooms where the carpet is being cleaned, or turn on your air conditioning or heating system. It will accelerate the drying time. 


4. Vacuum it up.


What To Look For In A Carpet Cleaner


Now that you know how to clean your carpet, let's look at some machines that can help you with the process. They house the carpet cleaning detergent and save you time, whether you're cleaning at home or in your office premises. The right carpet cleaner depends on the intended purpose. Manufacturers produce machines for both commercial and residential usage. There are lightweight and portable products to heavyweight industrial machines. The right machine in the right place will produce the desired results. Here are some factors you need to take into consideration:


· Weight: This mainly affects areas where you'll be moving around a lot. Its weight will determine how fast and easily you can move it across your carpet.

· Size of the water reservoir- When you prepare your solution or water and the carpet cleaning detergent, you'll want a machine that can hold a sufficient quantity, to reduce the number of times you'll have to keep filling it up.

· Cord length- Length determines flexibility. You don't want to keep plugging and unplugging. Some cords are so long that you won't have to lug the cleaner up the flight of stairs as you clean.

· Type of cleaner- There are different kinds of cleaners depending on the mode they use to clean. These include:

i. Spot cleaners


They are portable and can be easily carried to the affected area. They have a small tank for holding the carpet cleaning detergent and water, and a return tank for the dirty water being vacuumed up. Among this, there are products with rotating brushes. For these ones you set them directly on the spot being cleaned and the brushes scrub it. Other products require you to push the cleaner back and forth over the affected area.


ii. Rolling canister carpet cleaners

They come with wheels to make them easy to move around. The mixture of carpet cleaning detergent and clean water are held in the rolling canister. They usually have a heating element to heat up the water- sometimes to steam. They come with a combined applicator, scrubber and a suction hose. It can double up to clean furniture. There are both small and large designs, and they come with power wands. The power wands are designed to focus on the stubborn stains that need extra scrubbing.


iii. Upright Cleaners

They look like heavy vacuum cleaners. They have a removable tank that houses the cleaning solution, and you operate a unit by pushing it back and forth over the carpet-like a vacuum cleaner. 


iv. Large rolling machines

They high-capacity cleaners can cover huge carpet expanses. They are popular for banquet halls, conference rooms, showrooms and other large areas with carpeted floors. They range from vacuum-size cleaners to large, self-propelling, and walk-behind carpet cleaners. They have more powerful motors, and are usually built to be more ruggedly in order to handle long duty cycles. 


v. Industrial Truck Mounted Cleaners

These ones are mainly used by commercial cleaning companies providing residential and business cleaning services. Their water tanks, heaters, steamers and motors are held in the vehicle. The scrubbers and cleaning wands are attached to the power unit using long hoses.


6 Common Myths About Cleaning Carpets

You've heard of them. You believe some, doubt others and are curious about most. Let us debunk common myths surrounding your carpet's cleanliness and maintenance. 


1. You should postpone cleaning your carpet for the first time since it will never look the same again.

This myth was built around the old cleaning products that were in use decades ago. They used to leave carpets too wet and containing too much residue, which rose to the top of the carpet's surface as it dried. Today, the opposite is true. Using the right carpet cleaning detergent, you'll leave your carpet looking as clean, fresh and crisp as the day it was installed. Waiting for long before cleaning your carpet does nothing but create possible health hazards in your home, and it makes the job harder for your carpet cleaning product. The more often you clean your carpet, the longer it will maintain its original appearance. High traffic areas and areas of heavy soiling should be cleaned with greater frequency.


2. You don't have to clean your carpet if it has built-in stain resistance. 


Stain resistance helps with accidental spills. However, dirt will still get under the fibres. You'll need to clean your carpet regularly. Not cleaning the carpet will ruin the indoor air quality, cause health problems for family, guests, and even your pets.


3. If the carpet looks good, it doesn't need to be cleaned.

Why do you wash your hands before a meal? To eliminate unseen pathogens. The same logic applies here. Dirt is there, regardless of whether you see it or not. In fact, just a square foot of carpet can should a pound of soil even before you notice it's there. Your carpet absorbs airborne contaminants entering your home from the outside, such as dust, dirt, pollen and industrial contaminants. There is also the pet hair, dander, dead skin and dust mites that it collects from your home itself. By the time the dirt becomes visible, you will need more time and effort to get rid of it. Some carpets are very good at camouflaging dirt. Getting a carpet cleaning powder will eliminate all these substances from your home. Waiting for long periods before cleaning your carpet also damages it. The dirt, grit and other substances settling into the carpet will break down the carpet fibres and cause it to wear out faster.


4. Over-vacuuming your carpet can be harmful

People usually vacuum once or twice a week. You can never vacuum your carpet "too much". In fact, most carpet manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend daily vacuuming.


5. Carpet cleaning replaces regular vacuuming

Your carpet cleaning powder gives it a thorough clean. However, this does not mean you stop vacuuming the carpet. In fact, regular vacuuming makes the powder work faster, since you'll have got rid of the loose debris, crumbs and pet hair.


6. Carpet cleaning will shrink the carpet

Not unless you leave it extremely wet. You just have to use the appropriate amount of carpet cleaning detergent, and allow it to dry before putting your furniture back on it.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are some extra tips to help you as you clean your carpet.


· Always remember to first test any cleaning products on a small area. Carpets are different from each other. Some are sensitive to acid-based cleaning products and will lose their colour quickly. Other carpets have dyes that are sensitive to harsh alkalis. Note that improper carpet cleaning can void its warranty. Allow the test patch to completely dry. In case the carpet colour is affected, don't use the product on the rest of your carpet. Ensure you get the right carpet cleaning detergent for your type of carpet. 


· Vacuum regularly to make the cleaning easier. The more dust and dirt there is, the faster and stronger the stains will stick. You should vacuum at least twice a week, and increase the frequency in areas that are more prone to dirt.


· Get stains as soon as possible before they dry into the carpet fibres. You can spot cleaning using a carpet cleaning detergent. Fresh stains are usually still wet, and tend to come out with much less time and effort.


· Never wipe any spills or stains. You will simply be spreading the mark to a greater area of the carpet. You may also cause smudges and make them go deeper into the carpet. Instead, blot them up. This will encourage the dirt to transfer to the cloth instead of to other parts of the floor. In addition, be careful when using paper towels. It’s preferable to go for a sponge, microfiber cloths or towels that won't dissolve or break down after contact with water. Paper towels can start to break up and the pieces will stick between the carpet fibres.


· Some stain removers and cleaning solutions emit fumes. Ensure that you open windows and turn on your fan when cleaning. This is particularly important if a person in the residence has respiratory issues like asthma. 


· Never allow water to penetrate to the back of your carpet. It will damage the backing, and the carpet's colour may bleed through to your floor.


· You should remove furniture from the room before you begin cleaning the carpet. If you're working on a small area, shift aside the furniture. You can also put a small piece of aluminium foil under the furniture legs which are in contact with the cleaned carpet. This will prevent any staining. Leave the foil in place until your carpet is thoroughly dry.


· Get sticky gum out of your carpet by hardening it with an ice cube and simply prying it off. For wax, let it harden, and then scrap off the excess using a dull knife, fork or spoon. Place a paper towel, sheet of newspaper or even an absorbent cloth over the remaining wax, and press gently on it using a warm iron. The wax will be soaked up into the paper/cloth. Alternatively you can heat up the gum using a hair drier. This will soften it, making, making it easy for you to pull it off the carpet with a plastic wrap. Then you can get rid of the remaining gum stains using your carpet cleaning powder.


· Never apply a coat of carpet protector on a dirt or spotty carpet. It will glue in the dirt, making it harder to clean the next time.


· Never use hot water on a blood stain as it will only set the stain into the carpet.


· In case you over-saturate your carpet, you can remove the excess moisture using a wet pickup-vacuum. Alternatively, you can use fans to make it dry faster. 


· You can use your carpet cleaning powder to clean urine form mattresses, using the same procedure that is required for the carpet.


· You can enhance the results using a high quality detergent pre-spray or traffic lane cleaner. (A traffic lane is that place where people are constantly walking or working). Apply the detergent directly onto the carpet fibre using a pressurized (pump-up) sprayer.


· If you have pets, make sure you train them well. You don’t want them to keep marking their territories and urinating all over your carpet.


· Never use your laundry detergent on your carpet. Most laundry detergents contain substances such as optical brighteners and bleaching agents. They will affect the carpet’s fibre. Get the right carpet cleaning detergent.


· Use indoor and outdoor mats at entrances to reduce the amount of dirt being tracked into your home. Clean them regularly to ensure that they remain effective.


 Carpet Cleaning Powder - professional carpet cleaning products for less!

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