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Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L

  • High pressure top quality universal pump-up sprayer 1.5L

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning & gardening

  • Manufactured from shock resistant plastic & viton seals

  • Can be used with cold and hot cleaning solutions/water

  • All the filters and all the seals can be changed individually

  • Highly popular with carpet cleaners and sofa cleaners

  • It will take 1.5L of solution, chemical resistant, UV resistant

  • Swivel tip, calibrated bottles, light, very reasonable priced

Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L - Where to use

A professional universal pump-up sprayer suitable for all types of applications. It can be used for applying pre-spray treatments to sofas and carpets, it can be used for applying chemicals on larger areas, it can be used for applying protectors to carpets/sofas or it can be used for domestic gardening. All the movable parts and seals can be individually replaced. Compatible with warm & hot water chemicals, it will not be affected by harsh chemicals and it will be not affected by UV light. The pump is designed from heavy duty plastic components that are known to last for very long periods of time.

Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L - How to use it

Unscrew the top of the pump, fill up the bottle with the desired agent and screw up the top of the bottle. Using the pump handle start pumping air inside the pump. When you feel that the pump is fully loaded and the pump handle cannot go down any longer, your pump is ready for use. Just press the trigger button in the direction desired and apply the product. You can regulate the spray width by twisting the nozzle head. When you feel that the pump is losing pressure and it does not spray evenly anymore, use the pumping up handle to create pressure again. Make sure that the pump is pressure free before opening the top of it. There is a button for depressurisation on it, just lift it up until all the air is out and only then open the top of the pump.

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Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L

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