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Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg - Professional Carpet Cleaning Powder

-highly efficient & highly cost effective carpet cleaning powder

-suitable for deep cleaning all types of carpets, rugs, sofas, etc

-it contains a very pleasant lemon perfume and deodoriser

-it will clean fast and it will leave your carpet residue free

-its huge dilution rate makes this product  very cost effective

-it contains extra water softening agent & extra cleaning agent

-it contains defoamer so it will create no foam when used


Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg - Where to use

If you are looking for a highly efficient carpet cleaning powder that costs little but lasts for very long periods of time, you need to try Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg. This super quality carpet cleaning powder can be used for washing all types of carpets, all types of sofas, all types of mattresses & some types of curtains. Pre testing is highly required when cleaning sensitive fabrics. Craftex Top Grade Powder can be used with all types of extraction machines. For better results please use warm water.Some badly stained surfaces might require stronger stain remover before the normal wash. Suitable for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. If you own a carpet cleaning company, you need to use this product!


Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg - How to use

This is a powder so you will need to mix it up in a bucket before adding it to the solution tank. By doing this, you will avoid powder build ups at the bottom of the solution tank. Use a dilution of 1 to 500 for medium dirty carpets and increase or decrease the dilution if the carpets are very clean or very dirty. Pre spray the whole carpet with the solution and allow a few minutes to soften up & ten wash the carpets as usual. The carpets will be left clean, deodorised and disinfected. When cleaning sofas please do a pre test in a corner. It is important to treat all the bad stains with a spot remover (Crystal Carpet Shampoo) and then wash the sofa as usual. Extract as much moist as you can.


Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg - Dilution & Safety

Craftex Top Grade Powder is a highly concentrated carpet cleaning powder so you will need to dilute it. By respecting the dilution rate, you will avoid wasting your product and you will increase your profitability. It is important to understand that the solution won`t be more efficient if it is too thick or over concentrated. 2-3 scoops per machine should be more than enough. Craftex Top Grade Powder is a pretty safe carpet cleaning detergent and it is not known to do great damage. If you use this product regularly, please use a pair of gloves to avoid prolonged contact with your skin.


Craftex Top Grade Powder 15 Kg - Professional carpet cleaning results for less!


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