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-this is a fine, high grade carpet cleaning powder

-suitable for carpet, sofa, upholstery, curtain, rug cleaning

-carpet cleaning powder with a strong lemon perfume

-contains extra cleaning agent & water softening agent

-it contains a very powerful defoamer and optical brightener

-one of the most cost effective carpet cleaning powder

-the powder requires a dilution of at least 1 to 500!


Craftex Top Grade Powder - Where to use

Craftex Top Grade Powder is the ideal carpet cleaning agent. One 5 kg bucket contains enough carpet cleaning powder to clean the carpets in 100 three bed houses or over 150 three seat suits. This magic carpet cleaning powder is safe to use on all types of carpets, including wool, all types of sofas, rugs, most curtains, car seats, etc. It will clean and refresh any type of washable surface in conjunction with a water extraction machine. Much longer lasting and much more efficient than other carpet cleaning powders available out there. For better results please add Craftex Citrus Deodoriser.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - How to use

This product is a carpet cleaning powder and it needs to be used with water extraction carpet cleaning machines. It works with both cold & warm water but it gets the best results if used in a hot mixing solution. Always mix up the powder with the water in a bucket outside the solution tank to make sure that the powder has dissolved 100%. Some very dirty carpets of fibre might require a pre spray with about 20 minutes before the clean. Only use the recommended dilution to prevent waste and sticky carpets. By adding more carpet cleaning powder per mix than required you won't get better results.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - Dilution

Craftex Top Grade Powder has become such a popular carpet cleaning powder due to its huge dilution rate of 1 to 500 and its superb pricing. 50 L of solution will only require 2 to 3 scoops of carpet cleaning detergent. The usual dilution rate is half scoop per 10l of water. If you need to do a pre spray you can use 1 scoop per bucket of 10 litres of water. Respect the dilution rate and enjoy the benefits. It is estimated that Craftex Top Grade Powder has reduced the price of carpet cleaning detergent required per house at less than 30 cents! No other carpet cleaning powder can provide such results at this price.


Try Craftex Top Grade Powder now and you will love it. This product is designed to improve your productivity while reducing costs. Like all other Craftex products, this magic carpet cleaning powder is a very eco friendly product that can be used around asthmatics, pets, kids and pregnant women.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - professional cleaning results for less!

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