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 Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner High Ph 7

-highly concentrated pre-spray agent suitable for traffic areas

-it will soften up and help remove most types of dirt build ups

-suitable for pre-spraying white or light coloured carpets

-ideal for preventing alkaline build-up on light coloured carpets

-this product contains a nice lemon deodorising agent

-suitable to use on most types of carpets but please pre test


Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 - Where to use

Highly efficient and highly concentrated traffic lane pre spray agent. It can be used to treat all types of carpet but pre testing is required. Bear in mind that this product is not a carpet cleaning shapoo. Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 is a professional pre-sprayier that will soften up all types of dirt from your carpets to facilitate full removal of heavy duty soiling with any extraction system. By using this powerful traffic lane cleaner, you will reduce the amount of time needed to clean a carpet and you will achieve much better results. Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 is suitable to use on light coloured and sensitive carpets.


Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 - How to use

This powerful carpet traffic lane cleaner is a professional cleaning product and it needs to be used by professionals only. To achieve the best possible results please use a dilution of 1 to 4 and mix up the product with warm water. Pre-spray the whole area that needs to be cleaned and allow up to 20 minutes to work. Heavy duty stains & markings might need to be scrubbed with a low speed floor buffer & a soft carpet cleaning brush. Use a pressure pump to pre-spray commercial carpets and make sure that you treat the same the whole surface. 20 minutes later wash the carpet as usual. Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 will help break up all the tough dirt and it will make carpet cleaning easier. It contains a pleasant lemon perfume.


Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 - Dilution

This product is a highly diluted carpet traffic lane cleaner and it requires dilution to work right. Use a dilution of 1 to 4 to achieve the best results and avoid wasting. It is very important that you dilute the product with warm water. Warm water will double its cleaning power and it will make your life much easier. If you own a carpet cleaning company, you need to try Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH 7 now. This product is not like other spotters or stain removers available online. This product works well and acts fast.


Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner  PH 7 - professional results for less!

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