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Tropical Burst Sprayer 1L

  • Powerful bactericidal deodoriser with a strong tropical perfume

  • Suitable for deodorising sofas, upholstery, carpets, curtains, floors

  • Ready to use, no dilution needed, long lasting odour kill treatment

  • PH 6.75 , 1 L bottle, safe to use on all wet washable surfaces, eco

  • It will remove smoke, vomit, damp, urine, pet , food & damp odours

  • The product will neutralise & kill the bacteria that creates the odour

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial/industrial use  and domestic use

  • Unique fragrance, fast acting, long lasting, 100% safe

Tropical Burst Sprayer 1L - Where to use

A professional ready to use bactericidal deodoriser and odour neutraliser suitable for removing and neutralising all types of bad odours. The product can be used as a treatment or as an air freshener. Safe to use on all wet washable surfaces. Especially great for removing bad odours from sofas, carpets, beds, upholstery, mattresses, rugs, chairs, clothes, etc. A quick treatment will refresh and sanitize the whole surface. It will remove vomit odours, food odours, smoke odours, damp odours, pet odours and generally all types of bad odours. The product will identify the source of the odour and it will neutralise it while deodorising the surface. Safe and 100% eco friendly.

Tropical Burst Sprayer 1L - How to use

You can use the product to remove bad odours, you can use the product to prevent bad odours from developing or you can just use the product as a day to day home/business deodoriser. It can be applied with a spray on all wet washable surfaces and allowed to penetrate. The whole area will just feel fresh and deodorised. When treating badly affected areas, you should deep clean the whole area and then use the Tropical Burst Sprayer 1L to rebuild the balance of good/bad odours over time. Vacuum well the sofa and apply the product. Job done. No need to dilute it. It can also be used with an extraction carpet cleaning machine. Just add the product to the solution tank and wash the carpet/sofa as usual. 

Outstanding odour neutralisers and surface deodorisers from Craftex. Top quality bactericidal deodorisers suitable for commercial and domestic use. 

Tropical Burst Sprayer 1L

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