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-professional cream cleaner designed for kitchen & bathroom cleaning

-removes most types of dirt and grease from a wide range of surfaces

-suitable for cleaning and polishing, chrome, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc

-very long lasting product with very long lasting cleaning results 



Cream Cleanser Review

The kitchen is Command-Central of the house. It's the heart of the home. But it’s also one of the dirtiest places. The sink alone is dirtier than a toilet seat. The refrigerator is the one-stop food shop in the house, which everyone is constantly accessing, so it doesn't come as a surprise that its handles get smudges and fingerprint marks. From the cabinets, countertops, to the cutting board, you need a product that can thoroughly clean them. Preparing raw meat and fresh veggies on the surfaces brings all sorts of bacteria in the kitchen. The vegetable drawer is home to listeria, mould and yeast, all of which can contaminate your fresh veggies. You cannot prepare your favourite cookie butter with utensils covered in caked-on food residue. Oil splatters on kitchen surfaces are common as you cook dinner. Turn to the Cream Cleanser to make your surfaces spotless.


There are also those particular areas in the kitchen that harbour grime and are often overlooked- from blender gaskets to knife blocks. They host everything from salmonella and E. coli, to yeast and mould. Dishwasher doors, fridge compartments and spatulas are a haven for microbes. The frequently touched surfaces such as the stove knobs and the handles of cabinets, faucets, draws and your refrigerator require a cleaning agent that can eliminate the grime and restore their shine. Turn to the Cream Cleanser for your cleaning and degreasing needs. 

Benefits Of The Cream Cleanser

1. Quick acting

The Cream Cleanser cuts through the grease and soiling on your surfaces with ease. Use it to bring back the sparkle to your crockery and kitchen utensils, all through to the sinks and faucets in washrooms. It comes with a blend of ionic and non-ionic surfactants that increase the rate of penetration, and pull out the soiling from the surfaces, which reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning. The Cream Cleanser will remove the gunk building up on your kitchen faucets, dirt and oil on the knobs and handles, spatula blades, and mouldy cheese deposits in your refrigerator, and even the yeast lining on the insides of our dishwasher door. This is beneficial whether you want to have your dishes ready to prepare dinner quickly after a long day at the office, or you're in a restaurant and want to work fast and serve your clients. 


2. Tough action

The Cream Cleanser gets rid of the stubborn dirt and grime. Use it to remove the burn marks on your cooking pans, the mould and yeast on your can opener, the grease splatters on the walls, and clean your sticky countertop, plus the greasy dishes piled on in the sink. You can use the Cream Cleanser to clean your cupboard handles and trash cans, all through to the raw beef, chicken and salad residue on your cutting boards. Clean and spotless surfaces enhance the look and feel of the kitchen and washroom. It's a reflection of your personality at home, and brand for your business. You get to impress your guests and portray an image of professional service delivery to your clients.


3. Versatile

You can use the Cream Cleanser on multiple hard surfaces, from stainless steel and chromium, to ceramic, enamelled and tiled surfaces. Clean your Can openers, bottle openers, bins and taps to remove the soiling, yeast, smudges and fingerprints caused by use. This will get rid of the microbes, thus protecting the household members from contamination. Remove coffee and juice stains from your countertops, make your tiled walls spotless, get rid of the burnt on food in your pans, make your sink shine, remove tarnish from your fixtures, wipe away wine, ketchup and mustard splatters from your cabinets, and get rid of those smashed mosquitoes on the surfaces. The Cream Cleanser is also effective for grease spots and crayon marks on your kitchen and washroom surfaces.


4. Perfumed

Everyone likes a working in a fresh smelling kitchen, and taking a shower in a relaxing and inviting washroom. The odours from organic waste matter and soiling prevent it from happening. The Cream Cleanser fixes this by getting rid of the problem at the source. In addition, you get to leave your surfaces with a pleasant fragrance. The Cream Cleanser comes with a lemon perfume that results in clean and freshly scented surfaces.


5. Cost effective

First, the Cream Cleanser comes in affordable 500ml bottles. Secondly, by getting rid of the grime and fungal growth, it helps you save on your food costs. Keeping your refrigerator, sink, stove top and cutting boards clean reduces the risk of bacteria growth and contamination. The tough cleaning action of the Cream Cleanser enhances the life of your appliances, from the garbage hood and dishwasher all the way to the food processor, thus enabling you to save on maintenance costs. It also prevents injury. Margarita drips on the floor can cause slip accidents, oil slicks on the stove can result in an all-out kitchen fire. It can even be a simple mistake like dropping a greasy knife, and its blade landing on your toe. You don't want to send a day in hospital due to a slip caused by left over residue. The Cream Cleanser will keep your tools and surfaces clean, to avert calamities. 


6. Easy to use


The Cream Cleanser bottle is easy to handle, and comes with a flip up top. It is also ready to use, and you don't have to concern yourself with dilution ratios. 


How To Use The Cream Cleanser


1. Apply the Cream Cleanser undiluted to the surface.

2. Rub gently with a damp cloth.

3. Rinse using clean water.


For small areas, you can apply the Cream Cleanser onto a cloth then rub onto the surface. It will clean your burners, and break down the grease stains on your stove top and hard surfaces. You can use it to restore the gleam to your oven grates and clean out your fridge. Remove the grime in your cabinets and wipe down your countertops with the Cream Cleanser.


Tips For Using The Cream Cleanser

· Polish the surface with a dry cloth to give it an extra sparkle.

· Wash your cleaning cloths after use and allow them to dry.

· Regularly replace your cleaning tools, such as sponges and cloths, to prevent cross contamination.

· Never mix the Cream Cleanser with other cleaning agents.

· Frequently clean surfaces that are regularly touched- from door handles and knobs, to the handle of your kettle.


Evans Cream Cleanser - Professional cleaning results for less!

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