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-professional heavy duty channel rubber

-build from heavy duty stainless steel

-suitable for light and heavy duty use

-compatible with all ergonomic handles

-very easy squeegee replacement system

-crown quality window cleaning systems

Channel Rubber 30 cm

The squeegee was a simple and elegant invention. One that altered the course of the cleaning industry completely. Now, it’s the most popular cleaning tool, and comes in various design and sizes depending on the window cleaning needs. You must have watched a professional window cleaner using a squeegee, gracefully stroking the glass surface and leaving it spotless. You can be just as effective and fast. All you need are quality products to work with, such as the Channel Rubber 30 cm.

Setting Up The Job

First prepare the window cleaning solution. You can use products like squeegee wash detergents mixed with a bucket of clean water. Prepare the solution according to the instructions on the product label. Usually you just have to dilute it until it’s a little slippery to the touch.

The Actual Cleaning

The next step is washing the glass. Here, dip the window washer into the solution and wash the glass in a circular motion. You don’t have to drench the window. Scrub the grime, and in case there are stuck on residue like stickers that don’t easily come off, you can use a glass scrapper. Remember to be gentle to avoid scratching the glass. Now it’s time for the fun part: the squeegee.

Let's take care of the basics of the apparatus first. The squeegee system is composed of the rubber (which will get into direct contact with the glass), the channel (which holds the squeegee rubber), and the handle (which holds the channel). The handle comes with a quick release mechanism that holds and releases the channel, and a swivel that enables the squeegee to do exactly that: swivel. Fix the Channel Rubber 30 cm onto the handle and you're good to go.

You don’t need all your muscle to use the Channel Rubber 30 cm. Just rest the squeegee on the glass- that's enough pressure. So relax and gently grip the squeegee. When positioning yourself, use a base distance of around 7cm. This is the length between the end on the handle and the surface. Basically, you want an angle where when you extend your little finger, it will not touch the glass surface. When the base distance is too small, like under 5sm, it may slow you down; and when it is too large, like above 9cm, you may end up "jumping", which leaves parts of the surface with moisture.

Start by "cutting the edge" all the way along the top and left hand side of the frame. This is to create a dry zone, to prevent water from travelling from the frames as you squeegee the window. You can "cut the edge" using the edge of the squeegee. Here, the goal is to dry around 1cm-2cm of the areas along the frame, separating the frame from the bulk of the moisture and creating the point from which you will place the dry squeegee onto the dry glass and then move it across the wet area of the window.

Clean across the surface. Work from top to bottom. For those high-rise windows, an extension pole will come in handy. Cleaning across the window enables you to easily control the squeegee, and also enables the moisture to fall evenly down the glass. In addition, working from top to bottom prevents you from resoiling areas that have already been worked on. When drying the window with the squeegee, wipe the Channel Rubber 30 cm in between the consecutive strokes.

When using squeegees, it’s important to take note of some safety precautions: For starters, always inspect the edges of the rubber. Run your finger down its edge, ensuring that it feels perfectly straight. It shouldn’t be wavy, stretched, or even too tight. Watch out for nicks on the rubber edge- they will end up causing streaks on the glass. If the nick is on one side, you can always pull out the rubber from the squeegee and use the other edge. The squeegee channel should also be straight.

Channel Rubber 35 CM

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