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-premium quality stainless steel channel & rubber

-the 35 cm is the most popular size of channel & rubber

-made by the famous brand Pulex (window cleaning)

-the rubber can be replaced in less than 10 seconds

-compatible with all universal stainless steel handles

Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm

Dirt on the windows makes them blurry to look out of, and prevent adequate light from getting in. Spots on the glass from mineral effects, like those buildings that have a sprinkler system close to the building spraying water onto the window, all through to areas with acid rain, are as a result of compounds left behind as the water evaporates. They adhere to the windows and make them unsightly. Add to this oxidation effects on the glass for those windows that are encased in metal frames and screens. Stickers and labels that were put up on the window with strong adhesive, kids and pets pressing their hands and paws against the window and leaving behind dirt, oils from the palms of the hands and mucous from the pets' noses, insects streaking their waste on the window as they troop on the glass and frames- it's a mess. Regular window cleaning is necessary to keep them sparkling. This requires that you have quality tools in your possession, from the cleaning solutions needed to dissolve the gunk, all through to squeegees with components like the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm to ensure you get streak-free results.

Benefits Of The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm

1. Tough build

The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm is designed to give you extended usage with every unit. Its durable structure can withstand frequent window cleaning on both residential and commercial establishments. In addition, the stainless steel nature prevents rust from attacking the channel, which is critical since it’s used in jobs where plenty of water is involved.

2. Variable positioning

Fixing the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm onto the handle to set up the squeegee is easy, and you can attach it on various positions depending on your particular cleaning situation. That way you will be able to comfortably go about the task holding the squeegee from different angles. It’s recommended that you clean across the window, that way you can keep the squeegee position and your base distance consistent for better control. It will also help the moisture to fall evenly down the glass. The position you use varies, as there are cases where it will only be practical to work from top to bottom. It mainly depends on frame or width of the glass.

3. Multipurpose

The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm is adaptable to other cleaning tasks in the establishment. The squeegee set up can be used to quickly remove the soapy residues and water left behind on bathroom surfaces after a shower. A popular trick of removing pet hair from furniture is also using the squeegee. There are even universities that turn to it for cleaning their chalkboards and whiteboards.

4. Fast cleaning

Using the squeegee is a breeze. Simply attach the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm to the handle- and also extension pole if working on hard-to-reach windows- and you're good to go. First use your cleaning solution on the window, which breaks up the grime and acts also acts as a lubricant. Then, glide the squeegee across the window, keeping the top edge positioned slightly forward, which is beneficial in guiding the moisture down the glass. Remember to overlap the passes by around 3 to 4 cm.

5. Economical

With the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 14"/35cm, you get a value return for your investment. First, it's affordable, allowing you to meet your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance needs without kicking up the budget. Secondly, its durability enables you to use each unit for long, bringing you more savings over time. Getting streak-free results with minimal effort during the window cleaning makes it worth it.

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