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-heavy duty 45 cm stainless steel channel & rubber

-this size of channel rubber is suitable for commercial

-premium quality rubber & flexible stainless steel channel

-compatible with all universal stainless steel handles

-very light body, very efficient & very cost effective

Using The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm With Your Squeegee

The squeegee has been a trusted window cleaning tool for over a century. Ever since its innovation, it has become a global favourite, from DIYers to professional window cleaning companies. Its simplicity and ease of use have made it popular compared to using towels to wipe the window clean. The squeegees come in different options and sizes, allowing you to make the pick that best suits your unique needs. It's a system. There's the channel and handle, then the rubber that's held in the channel. The rubber wipes the water off your windows. You want quality products that you can trust to deliver on their mandate, and that’s what you get with the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm.

The Setup

In addition to the channel, rubber and handle, there’s the quick release of the squeegee- the mechanism that is used to release the channel. The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm comes with variable positioning options that enable you to adjust it to your unique cleaning needs. The handle also allows the squeegee to swivel, and the firmness or looseness depends on how you adjust it.

Precautions To Follow When Setting Up Your Squeegee

First start with an inspection. Check the rubber edges, running your finger along it to ensure that it’s straight, and not stretched too tight, or wavy. You should also ensure that the rubber hangs out from both edges of the channel, by about 0.5cm. This is to protect the adjacent window frames, edges and painted surfaces. The Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm comes pre-set with this allowance. Ensure that when you're changing the rubber that it has been appropriately set as such.

Holding The Squeegee

Remember: it's a simple process. No need for extra muscle or brute scrubbing force. Relax and rest the Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm on the glass. Don’t go overboard with the pressure you’re applying on the glass. Have a base distance of around 7 cm. This is the distance between the glass surface and the end of the handle. When it’s too small, like below 5cm, then it will slow you down. When it’s too large, like above 9cm, then it may "jump" or "shudder", This will leave behind moisture. Even when you’re using an extension pole such as when working on windows in high rise buildings, or employing techniques such as the fanning method, it’s important to ensure that the base distance is consistent. That way you will have a much easier cleaning process. This also ensures that it’s the sharp edge of the rubber that will be in use, resulting in faster and high quality, streak-free results.

Cleaning Hacks

Cut the edge and set up a dry zone. No, you're not going to make any changes to the window’s structure. Cutting the edge is simply using the squeegee's edge to create a dry boundary of about 1 - 2 cm width along the left hand side and top of the window's frame. This gives you a starting point. Place the dry squeegee onto this dry section, then move it across onto the wet section of the window. Failure to do this will cause "window crying". This is where water travels out of the frames after you’ve begun squeegeeing. Cutting the edge prevents this from happening, reducing the amount of time you spend on the process.

Crown Stainless Steel CAST Channel & Rubber 18”/45 cm

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