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Dark Walnut Wood Stain 

-oiled based dark walnut wood stain from Tover

-suitable to use on all types of unsealed wood

-highly recommended for professional use

-it will make cheap wood floors look rich

-1L will cover anywhere between 20 to 30 sq M

-to be applied with a cloth or low speed buffer

-quick drying, very affordable

-to be sealed with two pack water based lacquer

-one of the most popular wood stains from Tover

-it can be used for staining woodwork & floors

Dark Walnut Wood Stain - Elegant

Bright coloured wood floors like pine, can create a clean feeling but can also create a commercial look. Too white, too shiny and too common. You can transform your old floorboards from bright white to a cool dark walnut with Tover Dark Walnut Wood Stain . A quick sanding, a fast staining and 3 coats of water based floor lacquer over the top and there you are, you own Walnut wood floors. Tover Dark Walnut Wood Stain will not look artificial and the fibre of the wood will be very visible. 

Dark Walnut Wood Stain - Coverage area

The coverage area will vary from surface to surface.The manufacturer recommended coverage area is somewhere around 30 sq meter per 1L. But the actual coverage area can be anywhere from 20 to 50 sq meters. If you are staining old porous wood floors, the coverage area is likely to be in the lower 20s. But if you are staining fine sanded hardwood floors, you are likely to achieve over 50 sq meters per 1L. The wood absorption, the type of wood, the skill of the applicator & how well the wood is sanded, will increase or decrease the coverage area. We recommend our customers to assume that the coverage area is around 20 sq meters per 1L. You are better off having too much wood stain than to be left without wood stain in the middle of a large project. 

Dark Walnut Wood Stain - Where to use

The Dark Walnut Wood Stain can be used on all types of semi solid or solid wood surfaces. You can only stain wood surfaces that are sealant free. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood to change the colour. If there is a sealant on the wood surface, the stain will never dry. Don`t just assume that a surface has no sealer, do a sample test. You can use the Dark Walnut Wood Stain for internal and external wood staining projects. You can stain wood floors, frames, furniture, sculptures, etc. This amazing oil based wood stain will transform the look of your wood in seconds.

Dark Walnut Wood Stain - How to use

You can achieve amazing results without a lot of work or you can mess up your project. You need to respect application rules and you will be just fine. First of all you need to prepare for staining. You will need cloths, masking tape (if staining around painted surfaces), gloves, floor pads & a low speed floor buffer (if staining large wood floors) & you need to know what you are doing. 

-start applying the wood stain around the edges with a semi wet cloth

-soak a cloth in the wood stain and apply it around the edges 

-be careful not to touch carpets, painted surfaces or other floors that don`t need staining

-the cloth has to be semi wet, put pressure on it until the wood looks perfectly even coloured

-go along with the fibre of the wood (one go should be enough but you can rub it well)

-after the whole floor is stained, check for uneven coloured areas and rub a bit more

-job done, 3-8 hours later you are ready for varnishing (the wood stain is just a colour)

You will need to apply a two pack water based or solvent based floor lacquer over the wood stain. If you love the natural look of the wood, use a matt finish, if you want a bit more sheen, use a semi gloss lacquer and if you are a very glossy person, use a high gloss floor finish. If the room is very bright and catches alot of sun, glossy finishes might create “mirror” effects on the floor.

Maintain the wood floor with proper wood floor cleaning products like Junckers Sylva, Tover Pulito, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, Etc. Use a mop just for the wood floors to avoid accidents.

Tover Dark Walnut Wood Stain

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