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Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17"

Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” 

  • A proper heavy duty professional diamond pad from Diafil Italy

  • Suitable for removing scratches and polishing natural stone floors

  • Durable, affordable, cost effective, easy to use, innovative design

  • Compatible with all low speed or high speed 17” buffers/polishers

  • Highly rated by the professional floor refinishing industry

  • Available in 3500 grit, 5000 grit and 12k grit for fine polishing jobs

  • It will restore all natural stone floors & terrazzo floors to perfection

  • Compatible with all flat or nearly flat natural stone floors & terrazzo

Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17”  - Where to use

The new Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” is the most advanced and the most innovative diamond pad available in Ireland. The pad is manufactured from top quality diamond particles designed to last for a very long period of time even when used on a daily basis. The new Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” is the perfect diamond pad for daily maintenance and polishing of highly polished marble floors, terrazzo floors, limestone floors, travertine floors and fine polished concrete floors. It can be used in conjunction with low speed floor buffers and high speed floor burnishers. Suitable to use on domestic natural stone floors, commercial natural stone floors & heavy duty industrial natural stone floors. You do not need to be a professional floor polishing company to use these pads. A bit of common sense is required and a good buffer.

Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” - How to use

To be able to use the new Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” you will need to make sure that the floor is nearly flat with no serious lippage. The diamond pads fitted on the Diafil red pad can only provide quality results on flat surfaces. If the floor is uneven or full of holes, the diamond heads can get stuck in it. If the floor seems to be 100% flat, you can use this amazing polishing diamond pad. 

Wash the floor well to remove grease, residue and impregnated dirt. You want the surface spotless and residue free. Now, using a 400 RPM buffing machine, start buffing the whole floor from one corner to the other one. Insist more on dull areas or areas with higher traffic. Start with the 3500 grit first and buff the whole floor. Move to the 5000 grit diamond pad and buff the whole floor again. The friction created by the diamond pad on your floor will create gloss. The 12k diamond pad is usually used for daily maintenance and polishing. If the surface was fully restored and it is nice and glossy, you can use the 12K diamond polishing pad to maintain that gloss.

Even if the Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” is a professional diamond polishing pad that can be used by domestic people also, we recommend only using this pad if you have a bit of experience. Due to the thickness of its diamond patches and its cost, this pad is mostly used by professional contractors or people with very large natural stone floors

Diafil Floorlux Diamond Pad 17” 

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