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Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads | Velcro Backed

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro System

  • Heavy duty professional diamond floor pads from Diafil

  • Suitable for heavy duty scratch removal and scrubbing

  • Can be used on marble, terrazzo, travertine & concrete

  • Will increase productivity, very durable and long lasting

  • Available in a variety of grit sizes to suit all types of floor projects

  • Velcro backed, compatible with most low speed scrubbers

  • Great for removal of residue, glues, stains, old sealers, etc

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro System  - Where to use

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro Systems  are the ideal diamond pads for scrubbing large floor surfaces. Can be used on concrete floors, natural stone floors, terrazzo floors, marble floors, travertine floors, etc. Not suitable to use on uneven surfaces or floors with large grout lines. The pads will attach nicely to the buffer pad and will stay in fixed position even after prolonged use. Highly effective, outstanding durability & unequalled results.

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro Backed  - How to use

To achieve better results you will need a heavy low speed floor buffer fitted with a water tank. Use the diamond pads on a wet surface only. Attach 4-6 pads to your 17 inch floor buffer pad and prepare for scrubbing. Make sure that the floor is wet and even. Start scrubbing the floor in all directions making sure that you spend the same amount of time on all areas. After one go, extract all the waste and assess the floor. If old residue and imperfections are still visible, go one more time or use a rougher diamond pad. Spend about 15-30 seconds per each tile or square meter. The most popular grits are 400 & 800. Start with 400 for heavy duty scrubbing and finish with 800. The surface will be left ready for sealing or polishing (marble or travertine).

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro System - Why use it

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro Systems are much more durable than standard 17” diamond pads, scrub better and over time will prove highly cost effective. Suitable for professional use only.

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro System

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