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Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17"

Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17” 

  • Heavy duty natural stone, concrete & terrazzo floor polishing pads

  • Suitable for creating gloss and repairing small imperfections/patches

  • Suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial floor polishing

  • Compatible with all low speed and high speed floor polishers/buffers

  • Can be used for dry polishing or wet scratch removal operations

  • Durable, flexible, highly cost effective, very easy to use, affordable

  • Safe to use on all flat natural stone floors & semi flat floors/surfaces

  • Compatible with high speed floor burnishers up to 3000 RPMs

  • Highly rated by the professional floor cleaning & polishing trade

  • It will create “glass” like finish on marble, travertine, terrazzo, etc

Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17”  - Where to use

If you are planning to mechanically restore natural stone floors or terrazzo floors, you will need to use a highly durable and cost effective diamond pad. The higher the density of fine diamond particles on your pad, the easier it is to remove scratches, dull patches, old sealers & achieve spectacular gloss. The new Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17” is one of the most widely used and highly recommended diamond polishing pads in Europe. Faber Italy recommends this amazing diamond polishing pad for all kinds of natural stone restoration projects. 

The new Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17”  is suitable for removing scratches from natural stone floors, it can be used for removing dull patches and imperfections from natural stones & terrazzo and it can be used with a high speed floor buffer for achieving outstanding natural gloss without the need for chemicals or polishing powders. Diafil pads are manufactured from fine quality components to assure durability, efficiency and hassle free results. This pad is suitable for domestic natural stone polishing, commercial natural stone polishing and heavy duty industrial floor polishing projects.

Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17” - How to use

The magic of the new Diafil diamond polishing pads is that you do not need to use any type of chemicals to restore your floors. It is essential to use a heavy low speed floor buffer for the grinding or scratch removal (180 to 220 RPMs) and a high speed floor burnisher for fine polishing (400 -3500 RPMs). 

Step 1: Assess the floor condition and select the most appropriate diamond pad. From grit 30 to grit 400 can be used for heavy duty grinding and scratch removal. If the floor is in a very poor condition, start with 30-220 grit. Apply the same pressure all over the floor. Use the pad on “wet” surfaces only. If the floor is in average condition, start with the 400 grit diamond pad. Take your time and buff the floor well until the water on the floor becomes a white cream. Extract the waste and inspect the floor. If there are still scratches visible, go one more time. The next step should be one more scrub with the 800 grit pad. Same rule. Use it on wet surfaces. Vacuum well, wash the floor a number of times and prepare for polishing.

Using a high speed floor buffer/burnisher, start polishing the floor. Use the 1600 or 1800 grit. Buff until you notice some gloss appearing. Then move to the 3500 pad. Insist well all over the floor. You will notice the gloss getting better. One more fine buff with the 5000 grit pad will create a perfect smooth surface. The 12 000 grit is usually used for daily maintenance on highly polished floors.

The operation described above is only for those floors in need of full restoration. Most natural stone floors in average condition can be restored and polished with 1800, 3500 & 5000 grit pads. There is no need to go through all the pads. 

If your marble, travertine or terrazzo floor looks dull and tired, you can reverse that. All you need is a high speed floor buffer and some time. A quick buffing at the end of the week for 30 min will maintain your marble floor in top notch condition.

Diafil Spiralux Diamond Pad 17” 

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