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Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover For Carpets And Fabric Sofas

  • Brand: Dirtbusters
  • Product Code: DB11
  • Availability: 2

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L

  • A professional coffee & tea stain remover compatible with all types of carpets

  • It can also be used to remove coffee & tea stains from sofas, rugs, upholstery

  • A non toxic formula | Biodegradable | Harsh chemical free | | Wool safe product

  • The product is a ready to use, it does not require any dilution before use

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial use and also for light residential projects

  • Also compatible with all browning stains & most types of fake tan stains | spots

  • No need for special equipment or special training to be able to use this product

  • While the product is very tough on the stain itself, it will not affect the carpet fiber

  • Pre-spray the surface, do not touch for 10 minutes, extract the waste with a cloth

  • Sold in 1 L spray bottle | Odour free | No rinsing required | Highly effective | Low cost

  • Works on coffee stains and tea stains where other stain removers have failed

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L | Why Use It

Removing coffee stains and tea stains from carpets and sofas is nearly an impossible mission. The brown stains created by these two products penetrate very deep inside the fiber and even the most effective coffee stain removers cannot remove it in full. Up to now. The new Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L does work, it works fast and in 99% of the cases it removes the stain in full. Even better, the new Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L is non toxic, non corrosive and it does not affect the fiber of the carpet or the sofa negatively. It can be used by highly skilled professionals and also by DIY users. The product is 100% biodegradable.

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L | Where To Use It

The beauty of this product is the fact that it can be used by any DIY user without any special tools. It is compatible with all types of carpeted floors, including wool carpets, all types of fibers, sofas, upholstery, mattresses, rugs & curtains. A mixture of biodegradable stain removers manufactured from eco-friendly components. The product is sold in a ready to use bottle that requires no dilution.

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L | How To Use

Vacuum the surface thoroughly to remove all kinds of residue dust and other imperfections. Shake the bottle well for a few seconds and spray generously on the affected area. The surface has to look wet but not soaked. Allow direct contact for at least 10 minutes without scrubbing or adding more product. After about 10 minutes, extract the waste with a dry towel, a microfiber cloth or in the case of a professional carpet cleaning company, with the upholstery head. In 99% of cases the stain will dissolve in full after only one cleaning operation, but in some rare cases, a second treatment might be required. 

The efficiency of any tea stain or coffee stain remover can depend on a number of factors like the age of the stain, the type of coffee or tea and the type of fiber that is stained.

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L | Recommendations

Do not use bleach based products or a high PH product in your attempt to remove a coffee or a tea stain. These products can make the stain unremovable. Do not extract the waste for at least 10 minutes, failure to do so will result in poor results. Do not mix up the product with any stain removers and keep it away from children. Store in a cold and dark place away from direct sunlight.

Dirtbusters Coffee & Tea Stain Remover 1L

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