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Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G

  • A professional sealer and waterproofing wax for all kinds of leather surfaces

  • It can be used on all types of leather surfaces that were previously polished

  • To be used as a final protector after the leather surface was deep cleaned 

  • It does not create superficial coatings, it does not peel, scratch resistant balm

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial leather cleaning projects

  • Manufactured from a natural blend of beeswax and other organic enhancers

  • To be used on car seats, sofas, chairs, shoes, horsing saddles, jackets, etc

  • A surface treated with this product looks elegant, soft and flexible

  • It prevents leather cracks while nourishing the leather surface

  • It also contains palm oil extract | Recommended on motorbike leather seats

  • To be applied to a clean and dry surface with a clean microfiber cloth

  • Tiny amounts of leather balm are needed to cover a large surface of the leather

  • It increases the sheen levels, it waterproofs & stain proofs the leather surface

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G | Why Use It

Leather is an organic material manufactured from some kind of animal skin that needs to be waxed and polished with professional products to stay flexible, to not stain and to not crack. The new Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G is a premium quality leather polishing balm that will restore the protection on the leather, it will waterproof and stain proof the leather while maintaining its natural beauty. This professional quality product is sold in a tiny 150 G tube but due to its outstanding coverage area, a little goes a long way. A quality product highly recommended for sealing and protecting motorbike leather saddles. The product is affordable, easy to use and no special tools or equipment are required to use it.

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G | Where To Use It

The new Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G is not a leather cleaner but a leather protector and gloss restorer. It has to be applied to a leather surface that was deep cleaned, stain treated and degreased. It can be applied to any polished leather sofa, leather upholstery, leather chairs, leather shoes, leather bags, leather jackets, car seats, motorbike seats, leather belts & other leather accessories. Suitable for indoor and outdoor leather polishing projects. 

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G | How To Use It

Before applying the leather balm make sure to purchase a leather cleaning product from Dirtbusters, deep clean the leather and then prepare for polishing. All that is needed is the leather balm itself and 2 microfiber cloths. Take a tiny amount of leather balm, apply it to the leather and using one of the clean microfiber cloth start applying it to the leather surface moving in circular motions. Apply an even coat of the new Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G all over the leather surface, allow it to penetrate while polishing the surface. After a few seconds you will notice that the leather surface has dried up and the gloss levels have increased dramatically. The product is not compatible with suede or any kind of unpolished leather surfaces.

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G | Recommendations

Do not apply the product to a wet or sampled leather surface. Do not apply the product and let it dry without polishing it. Do not apply it over dirty or stained surfaces. Do not mix up a number of leather cleaners and protectors at the same time. Keep the product away from children and pets. 

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 G

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