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Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner

  • Brand: Dirtbusters
  • Product Code: DB14
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner 

  • 100% eco-friendly pet carpet cleaning shampoo and deodoriser

  • Manufactured from a blend of natural & eco-friendly ingredients

  • It contains no harsh chemicals, bleach or chemical enhancers

  • Pet safe, very effective, great stain remover, highly concentrated

  • The product is compatible with all hot water extraction machines

  • Suitable for professional use and also diy residential

  • Safe to use on all types of carpeted floors including wool carpets

  • It neutralises pet urine odours, vomit , pet poop odour, damp odour

  • It leaves the surfaces fully deodorised, very soft and stain free

  • It contains a pleasant natural perfume

  • The recommended dilution rate is 1 to 100 | Dilute in warm water

  • Pre-spray the surface and allow up to 10 minutes of direct contact

  • No need to add any other types of deodorisers or stain removers

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner | Why use it

While a pet can bring a lot of fun and good times to our lives, it can also bring small accidents and spills. While most professional carpet cleaning products will remove odours, stains & body fluids, some products might not be compatible with your pet. Some strong perfumes can actually cause irritation to your dog and it could make it not want to use that particular area. This is the main reason you should always ask your carpet cleaning contractor to use “pet safe products” or if you are washing the carpet yourself, buy the new Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner. This product was designed to deep clean, disinfect, deodorise and remove pet stains without actually affecting the pet. The product is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and highly concentrated. The new Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner works perfectly with all types and all brands of hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems.

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner | Where To Use It

The new Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner is compatible with all types of carpets, including the most sensitive ones like wool carpets. It can be successfully used to deep clean the carpet, get rid of all kinds of bad odours and to remove stains. It can be used as a pre-spray and as a carpet cleaning shampoo. Its super high dilution rate of 1 to 100 makes this product one of the most popular pet carpet cleaners ever. Use the new Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner to get rid of pet urine odours, vomit odours, poop odours, old & wet smells. Cuts through fur & oil trapped inside the carpet fiber. A low PH and non toxic pet carpet cleaning shampoo compatible with all types of residential & commercial carpet cleaning projects.

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner | How To Use It

Remember to use the product in conjunction with warm water to reduce your workload and achieve better results faster. The estimated dilution rate of 1 to 100 is informative only. It can be decreased or increased with the job requirements. When dealing with bad and challenging carpet cleaning projects please use the minimum dilution rate.

  1. Mix up the product inside your carpet cleaning machine solution tank

  2. Pre-spray the whole area until the carpet looks wet but not soaked

  3. Allow up to 10 minutes of direct contact with the carpet

  4. Using a soft brush lightly scrub all the tough stains

  5. Using your carpet cleaning wand, spray and extract at the same time. Go over the whole carpet

  6. Stop spraying and extract only until the machine does not collect any more liquid

  7. Job done

While a nice deep clean will sort out your carpet issues in one easy go, a second wash might be required in some cases. The product will not only remove the bad odour, but it will also blend in with the bacteria that generates the odour and it will neutralise it. 

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner | Recommendation

Do not mix up a cocktail of carpet cleaning products to prevent reactions. Do not soak the carpet and leave it soaked without extracting the waste. Do not use an over concentrated formula. Store the product away from direct sunlight. Store it in a safe place out of reach of children.

Dirtbusters Pet Carpet Cleaner 

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