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Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L 

  • A very concentrated and highly active carpet cleaner and odour neutraliser

  • The product reacts with the bacteria that generates the odour and destroys it

  • Its lock in odour technology prevents the bad odours from reactivating

  • It can be used on its own as the main carpet cleaner or as an odour remover

  • Effective against dog and pet urine, poo, vomit and other pet related odours

  • 100% safe to use on carpets, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, dog beds, sofas

  • It removes old and new odours from very deep inside the carpet | sofa fiber

  • The product can be applied directly to the affected area and allowed to work

  • It contains no harsh chemicals, is non toxic, biodegradable and 100% safe

  • A highly concentrated odour removing agent that requires a dilution of 1 to 5

  • While the product will deodorise the carpet, the perfume is loved by all pets

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L | Why Use It

Cat or dog urine on a carpet or sofa can generate a lot of bad odours. In some cases, even after using a hot water extraction system to wash the affected area, the odour could still persist. The reason for the odour is a strong bacteria that in most cases is unaffected by the deodorisers. But the new Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L works in a different way, it actually identifies the source of the odour and neutralises it. Even better, it contains a cleaning agent called lock in odour, that will prevent the odour from redeveloping in the future. The product works as efficiently on pet and human odours. 

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L  | Where To Use It

Wherever there are pets, bad odour is likely to build up. You can use the new Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L to neutralise urine odors from all kinds of carpeted floors, sofas, upholstery, curtains, rugs, mattresses and clothing. The product will provide outstanding results even on badly affected areas. Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It can be successfully used on hard floors as well. Its non toxic formula will not deter the pet from using the treated area. 

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odor Destroyer 1L | How To Use It

The way to use it can change from surface to surface. When dealing with light urine stains or light odours, a quick spray over the affected area, a quick scrub and then extraction with a dry towel is the most popular way to use the new Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L. But when dealing with a very badly affected area, then the product has to be diluted 1 to 5 in warm water, the whole area has to be pre-soaked for about 1-2 hours, scrub with a soft upholstery brush and then the liquid has to be extracted with an extraction system. The product cannot be left to puddle up without being extracted. In extreme cases, a second odour neutralising operation may be needed to make sure that the odour was removed in full.

  1. Remove as much residue from the surface

  2. Apply the product to the surface and do not touch for at least 1 hour

  3. Lightly scrub with a soft carpet | upholstery brush

  4. Extract the waste with a dry towel or some kind of extractor

Remember, this product's main job is to neutralise bad odours. This product is not a cleaner.

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L | Recommendation

The product has to react with the bacteria that generates the bad odour so take your time, allow it to work. Make sure to dilute the product to the recommended dilution rate to help it work. Don`t forget to extract the waste. Do not mix up a number of odour neutralising agents. Do not use baking soda or food processing ingredients to remove odours and stains from carpets. Keep the product away from children.

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L 

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