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Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover 

  • A highly active stain & spot remover effective against red wine, red curry & red fruit juice

  • A non toxic formula suitable for all kinds of residential use and also commercial cleaning

  • It will dissolve the stain in a matter of minutes without negatively affecting the material

  • A ready to use formula that is compatible even with the most sensitive types of carpets

  • Recommended to use on all carpeted floors, sofas, upholstery, curtains, mattresses, etc

  • This product is very easy to use and it does not require special tools or training

  • It targets the red stain right inside the fiber not only the visible part | Highly concentrated

  • To work efficiently, the product will require anywhere between 10-20 min of direct contact

  • It can be used on all kinds of fresh red wine stains & also on pre-existing red wine stains

  • A truly effective red wine stain remover that is very affordable and very easy to use

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover | Why Use It

Dark wines or dark juice stains penetrate very deep and very fast right inside the fiber of the carpet. Acting fast and extracting as much liquid as possible with a clean towel is very important if you want to have a chance of sucessfully remove the stain, but removing the stain in full after it has dried is a very complex operation. Until now. The new Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover  is an innovative product that reacts fast with all kinds of red stains and dissolves it. Even better, this particular product contains 0 harsh chemicals, is non toxic, non corrosive, biodegradable and also suitable for residential use. No fancy tools are required to use this stain remover and no special training is required. 

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover  | Where To Use It

This innovative red wine stain remover can be used to remove red wine stains, red curry stains & red fruit juice stains from all kinds of carpets, even wool carpets, from sofas, upholstery, rugs, mattresses, curtains & clothes. The product provides outstanding results hassle free. Due to its biodegradable formula, the new Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover is also safe for use by the residential market. It makes stain removing operations fun and easy. Also highly appreciated by the commercial carpet cleaning industry. 

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover | How To Use It

If the stain is fresh, try to remove as much liquid as possible before applying the new Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover to the affected area. Shake the bottle well and apply the product all over the affected area. Do not do anything for at least 10-20 minutes. The product needs time to react and dissolve the stain. About 20 minutes later give the area a soft scrub with a soft upholstery brush and extract the waste generated with a dry towel or some kind of extraction machine if available. Years old stains might require a second treatment. Bear in mind that some stains are permanent and the fiber of the carpet was discoloured. In this case you can only improve the look of the stain as removing it in full is not possible.

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover | Recommendation

Do not mix up the new Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover with any other stain remover. This is a ready to use formula that does not require dilution. Store the product in a safe and dark place away from children. While the product is biodegradable and eco-friendly, regular users should wear a pair of gloves while using it.

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover 

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