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-highly concentrated degreaser made from active ingredients

-removes & emulsifies fat and grease deposits from pipes & drainage

-recommended for use in kitchens, factories, garages, etc

-much safer and much better than classic toxic drain unblockers

-helps to keep draining systems free of fats & other deposits

-contains a fresh citrus fragrance to help neutralise bad odours


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – How to use

Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier is a ready to use drain and pipe cleaner. Just pour into the sink when you are finished with the kitchen for the night and allow it to work. To completely clean the system you may have to repeat the operation a few times and then use it daily just to maintain. Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier is a highly active product that reacts in contact with any type of fat and grease. Same day grease will be removed on Impact but older fat or grease deposits will require more cleaning. Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier contains a very strong citrus fragrance to neutralise any bad odours.


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – Where to use

This strong drain cleaner can be used to unblock and maintain any type of sink drainage system or gully collection system where fats or greases are drained. Just pour Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier into the drainage system and do not use the drain for a few hours. Safe to use on any type of material and it will not stain stainless steel. This product is highly recommended for use on all types of kitchens, canteens, factories, garages, etc. Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier is the product you were always looking for. Just pour it into the drainage system and let it do the work for you.


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – Dilution

This strong drain cleaner requires no dilution. The moisture from the drainage will dilute the product. Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier is a ready to use product.


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – Safety

Evans Dispersed Degreaser & Emulsifier is a highly active product that can irritate your skin. Gloves should be worn when using to avoid direct contact with skin. Store safely. This product is a medium risk to health.


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – Recommendation

If you are looking for a strong drain cleaner, you should consider Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier. This product is a very cost effective drain cleaner that will save you money by preventing drain blocking and other issues that can affect the normal operation of your business. Recommended for commercial & domestic market.


Evans Disperse Degreaser & Emulsifier – top class drain cleaner!

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