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Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

  • Product Code: 1769
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  • cheap plastic mini jumbo dispensers from Dolphin

  • compatible with all types of mini jumbo toilet rolls

  • supplied with a key for locking & unlocking the top

  • manufactured from shock resistant plastic material

  • it can be screwed to walls, doors, frames, panels, etc

  • beautiful design, very long lasting and  cost effective

Prevent Roll Theft With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Imagine stocking up the restrooms of your business premises with high quality toilet paper for your clients and employees to use—only for it to keep ending up in homes across the county. That’s the unfortunate reality that many business owners face. Visitors to the washrooms view the fresh new toilet paper rolls as a free gift, putting it into their bags and taking it home. Toilet paper ranks amongst the top items stolen from office buildings and hotels. This is not a trend that you want taking place in your facility, hence the need to have proper control measures in place. Dispensers are particularly handy here, in which case you want a vandal-resistant unit. You can get that with the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser. Let’s delve into the features that have resulted to the increased demand of the unit.

Ensuring your resources are prudently spent

It’s not just theft that is a problem. People have a tendency of treating toilet paper in public restrooms as a resource that they can use liberally. After all, it is not impacting on their individual wallets. This is an issue with the conventional toilet roll holders. With bulk pack/folded toilet paper dispensers on the other hand, where the paper comes with self-presenting single sheets, excess tissue ends up falling to the cubical floor.  On average, visitors in public restrooms used up a single roll of toilet paper a whopping 71 times. Each depleted roll will need to be restocked, since you can’t have the clients and employees walking into the washrooms later on complaining about there being no toilet paper for them to use. Unless proper control measures are put in place, you will end up incurring hefty costs due to the janitorial budget being strained. Installations like the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser come in to encourage prudent use of the toilet paper rolls, saving you money. 

The traditional tissue dispensers were extremely prone to cases of people simply removing the toilet rolls without any hindrance and taking off with them. However, with the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser, this will not trouble you. It has a lockable design, keeping the core of the roll away from the reach of prying hands. Only the designated personnel with the required key will be able to access the complete roll housed within the structure.  

High capacity rolls

Toilet paper is a key resource for day-to-day life. With an average of 8.6 sheets of paper being used on each bathroom trip, you want to ensure that there is sufficient supply for the persons accessing your facilities. The level of traffic being witnessed in washrooms is key in determining the kinds of dispensing system that you want for your toilet rolls. Here, the focus is on how many people will be using each toilet cubicle in a day. There are generally three levels of traffic: low (such as in hotel rooms or for small offices), medium traffic (which is witnessed in the larger offices, clubs, restaurants and busy bars), to the high traffic zones (the kind that happens in schools, shopping centres, wall through to stadiums). 

The conventional toilet paper holder is recommended for the low traffic zones since it only accommodates a short roll length. However, with the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser having a capacity of holding a 250m paper, each roll that is placed in the unit gets to last for long. It makes it ideal for the medium to high traffic establishments. The large capacity of the rolls reduces the chances of runout especially during peak hours, and has the welcome benefit of reducing the maintenance that comes with the janitorial staff having to keep restocking the dispenser. 

Speaking of maintenance, the design of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser means it’s janitor-friendly. For instance, with its clear viewing window, your staff will not have to open up the dispenser whenever they want to check the amount of toilet paper remaining. It can all be done at a glance, reducing the time that would have been spent having to go get the key for each dispenser.  

Setting an orderly washroom space

Walking into a toilet cubicle and seeing tissue all over the surfaces can make your skin crawl—especially when the paper wet and cramped up on the floor. When the toilet rolls are placed on the cisterns, sanitary units and ledges, they are prone to fall, get dust on the paper, or wet from moisture droplets that wind up on them. Not only is it unsightly, but it also increases the rate of waste. After all, you wouldn’t want to use dusty toilet paper, while the wet ones would simply get crumpled in one’s hand. It creates a poor image for your business, which is not the sight that you want to greet the visitors using the washroom facilities of your business premises. 

The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser enables you to have a hygienic space, contributing to making the toilet cubicles comfortable for the users. By protecting the rolls themselves from the environmental effects, the dispenser further prevents more wastage, bringing savings to your janitorial budget. It keeps the rolls clean and dry, for the benefit of the users of the facility. With matters aesthetics, this unit has a simple and clean design. It will fit neatly into the cubicle space, with its white colour blending into the surroundings. This has the welcoming benefit of creating a hygienic look and feel to the cubicles, positively impacting on your image. After all, the customers using the toilet facilities of your establishment want to be at ease, not constantly worried about the state of affairs.

Easy on your budget

The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser brings more benefits to your janitorial budget. For instance, its durable construction, with the robust ABS build, enables it to provide service for longer. Added to the affordable price of the unit, where you get to make savings right from the purchase stage, it gives you increased value for your money. 

Prevent Roll Theft With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser


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