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Dolphin Soap Dispenser Bulk Fill White

  • Product Code: BC123
  • Availability: 350
  • premium quality soap/gel dispenser manufactured in EU

  • it can be screwed up to most types of vertical surfaces

  • it can be refilled with all types of alcohol gels and soaps

  • suitable for heavy duty commercial and domestic use

  • affordable, cost effective, made to last, beautiful design

  • it will release very small amounts of soap or gel at once

  • 1 Litre , white, manufactured from shock resistant plastic

Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser 

Washing hands is one of the easiest ways of protecting yourself from getting infections, and you want to have a system in place that encourages the persons in your home or business premises to be keen on it.  There are those key times when it is critical, like before preparing food or eating meals, when taking care of someone who is sick—especially with cases of vomiting or diarrhoea, when taking care of wounds and after visiting the toilet, after cleaning up after children and changing their diapers, after you’ve touched an animal or handled pet food, and also after touching garbage. With outbreaks such as the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased emphasis on hand hygiene, especially in public places.  This is because people go touching items and surfaces that are handled by other persons, including door handles, gas pumps, to electronic cashier registers. They then proceed to touch their eyes, nose and mouth, which causes the pathogens to get into the body system. This has been facilities set up soap dispensers around the establishment to encourage those in the building to wash their hands when getting into the facility and moving around the different sections. These dispensers hold liquid soaps and even alcohol sanitisers, which aid in enhancing the hygiene standards of the premises. The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser comes in as a popular unit, and we’ll delve into what it offers you. 

The soap dispensers are increasingly being installed in the various residential and commercial facilities, and even public venues for different reasons. Firstly, they enable you to have a neat and tidy setup, such as in the bathroom as opposed to having bar soap clutters all over. They also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria since persons in the facility will not be sharing the soap.  These units also go a step further to protect the actual soap itself from contamination, or deterioration caused by chemicals and other environmental conditions, thus preserving the contents for longer. This is particularly handy in ensuring that the sops that have been bought get to be optimally used, reducing wastage of resources.  Speaking of which, by providing the individuals washing their hands with just enough liquids soap as required, it prevents caves where people use an excessive amount of soap. The duration between the refills is prolonged. Here are the features of the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser that enable you to take advantage of this approach to handwashing:

Benefits Of The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

  1. Built to last

Given that this is one of the installations in the building that will be used around the clock, you want a unit that can last. One whose construction will enable it to provide optimal use for the long haul. You get that with the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser.  It comes with a high quality ABS construction that provides extended usage. As such, you avoid costly repairs and replacements, thus won’t put a strain on your establishment’s janitorial budget. 

  1. Large capacity

At 1000ml per bulk fill, this unit holds plenty of soap to be used by the people in the premises. This reduces the number of times your janitorial staff keep refilling it.  Each 1000ml has 500 dispenses, translating to 2ml of soap per pump. This functionality of the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser enables it to be more convenient for your establishment’s needs. Since it is manually operated, your janitorial staff also won’t have to worry about the unit grinding to a halt because of issues like batteries running out, as is witnessed in alternative designs. This is  particularly important given that  users will be pumping out liquids soap from the dispensers around the clock, an aspect that would quickly drain batteries, and increase costs in the process as well. This will not be a concern with the operation of the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

For the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser, hygiene and looks go hand in hand. It comes with a stylish design that adds to the decor of the area in which it has been installed. From the washrooms to those cases where soap dispensers are being put in public venues, retail centres and office spaces to enable people accessing the facilities to sanitise their hands in order to curb cases of viral spread, the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser will be up to the task. 

The process of installing the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser varies depending on the wall. First determine the area in which it will be set up, and the type of wall itself. For instance, with the brick walls, one needs to drill into the surface and use wall plugs and screws to fix the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser into position. 

In case you’re installing it on drywall, screws will still be required to securely set the dispenser in position, and try to also fix it to at least one batten. For the cases of partitions, simply go ahead and screw the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser directly into the partition. 

  1. Easy to use

The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser has been constructed with a high quality disc pump for discharging the soap held within. The users in the facility will be able to quickly discharge the soap and proceed to wash their hands. You can use the standard liquid hand soaps and antibacterial soaps. There are also those cases where you want people to quickly sanitise their hands, and the sink is not in the immediate vicinity. Don’t fret. You can use the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser with alcohol hand sanitisers (with a max capacity of 70% alcohol content). The users will simply apply the gel product onto their hands and rub them together. Designed to be a keyless dispenser, this further adds to the convenience of using the unit. 

When refilling, pouring the soap into the dispenser’s refillable container and closing it will automatically lock the unit. When it comes to maintaining it, regular cleaning with a mild detergent and clean cloth will do. 

Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

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