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Cobweb Duster & Handle

Cobweb DusterInterchange cobweb duster suitable for commercial & residential cleaningCompatible with an interchange handle & also with all Ettore Reach PolesThe perfect tool for dusting walls,..

Cotton Dustmate Kit

Cotton Dustmate Kit All you need to be able to dust all types of commercial & domestic floorsThe kit contains the frame, two piece handle & the microfiber dusting padSuitable to use on vi..

16" Dust Control Cover

16"  Dust Control Cover-microfiber re-washable 16" dust control cover-made from very absorbent microfiber material-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning-ergonomic, efficient, easy to use,..

16" Breakframe & Handle

16" Breakframe & Handle-commercial quality breakframe & handle-to be used with a 16" dust control cover-made from very strong stainless steel-suitable for commercial and domestic-the best way ..

24" Breakframe & Handle

24" Breakframe & Handle-super quality dust control system-build from very durable materials-suitable for domestic & commercial-made from quality stainless steel-compatible with 24" dust contro..

24" Dust Control Cover

24" Dust Control Cover-professional microfiber dust control cover-can collect very small particles of dust-made from high quality microfiber material-suitable for commercial & domestic use-profess..
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48 Inch Feather Duster

48 Inch Feather DusterThis is the perfect tool for dusting lights, ceiling fans & all high hard to reach areasManufactured from top quality soft feathers and strong, durable plasticSuitable for co..

Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad

Bona Microfiber Dusting PadMicrofiber dusting pad compatible with all Bona flat mopsIt will collect even the finest particles of dust from all floorsSuitable for light domestic dusting & medium of..

Colour Coded Looped Microfibre Pocket Mop Head

Colour Coded Looped Microfiber Pocket Mop HeadPremium quality looped flat mopping system from RamonSuitable for dusting, cleaning and maintaining all surfacesAvailable in four distinct colours to avoi..

Dust Frame

Dust FrameHeavy duty dusting frame compatible with all sweeper head mopsManufactured from industrial steel and shock resistant plastic frameCompatible with all Hygiene Mop Handles & all wood mop h..

Ettore Elite MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster

Ettore Elite MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan DusterProfessional duster suitable for dusting ceiling fansDesigned with a contour shape to easily trap dustThe sleeve is removable and machine washableThe super so..

Polyester Velcro Polish Applicator Heads

Polyester Velcro Polish Applicator HeadFlat mop in polyester looped end, velcro back, suitable for polishing floorsCompatible with the amazing Blik Bio Cleaning Tool & other velcro framesManufactu..

Reinforced ‘V’ Sweeper Handles & Frame

Reinforced ‘V’ Sweeper Handles & Frame-superb cleaning capacity and superb floor coverage in one go-easy to handle and very easy to clean its microfiber sleeves-it reduces time needed to hoover th..
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Robert Scott High Level Cleaning Frame

Robert Scott High Level Cleaning FrameProfessional duster suitable for commercial and domestic cleaningIt will bend and change shapes to fit in all hard to reach corners/areasManufactured from flexibl..
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Robert Scott High Level Microfiber Sleeve

Robert Scott High Level Microfiber SleeveReplacement sleeve for the new Robert Scott High Level Cleaning FrameManufactured from top quality fine microfiber fibres that collect fine dust particlesSafe ..
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