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Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

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-heavy duty professional dust pan & brush (Stiff)

-suitable for industrial cleaning & hard scrubbing

-manufactured from chemical resistant materials

-recommended for domestic & commercial use

A Look At The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

When scouting for a dust pan and brush combo, you want a unit that has been designed with an emphasis on operational efficiency. Issues like lines of dust remaining under the dust pan whenever you’re collecting the dirt off the surface are frustrating. The type of bristles also come into focus. Here, they should be effective in brushing away the dirt, without damaging the underlying surface being worked on. The durability of the unit also comes into focus. Given that the dusting will be a frequent activity, you want tools that you can rely on to last for the long haul. It’s all about quality and efficiency, getting a value return for the bucks spent on acquiring your unit. Here is a look at what the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft) brings on board:

Benefits Of The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

  1. Pick up dirt with ease

The design of the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) optimizes the dust collection process. This is from the rubber strip that ensures that the dirt particles are picked up without leaving material on the surface, to the serrated edge of the dust pan that comes in handy when removing the soiling that is trapped in the bristles of the brush. 

  1. Soft bristles 

These are gentle on the surface that is being worked on. From the countertops to appliances, furnishings, sequins and even your keyboard, the brush will clear up the dust without posing a risk to the underlying structure. 

  1. Get to those hard to reach areas

Dust is not limited to the open floor space. It also accumulates in areas like the top of shelves, beneath tables, and behind doors. In these kinds of situations, it will be difficult to get rid of the dust with the vacuums, including the handheld units. However, with the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff), you will have the flexibility and reach that is needed to deal with these challenging locations. '

  1. Available in different colours

Sure, this helps with aesthetics and takes away the monotony of the cleaning process. However, there is more to it than just looks. The different colours of the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) allow you to incorporate it into your colour coded cleaning system.  That way you can group it together with the rest of the brooms, cloths, mops and mop buckets that have the same colours. The aim of this is enhancing the hygiene standards of the cleaning process. Situations of the same equipment being used on different zones- like the bathroom cleaning tools ending up being used on kitchen surfaces, are avoided. This prevents cross contamination. Each room or cleaning area is assigned its specific colour, like red for the toilet and washroom floors, yellow for the washroom surfaces like the sink area where the risk is reduced, blue for the workspaces and living areas, and green for the kitchen. According to such a setup, the red mops, buckets and Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) are restricted to the washrooms, the green units can only be used on the countertops, cabinets and other surfaces in the food preparation areas, and so in. This is also beneficial as it portrays your establishment in a professional light, enabling the customers accessing your business premises to see the orderly nature in which you run your operations. For the cleaning contractors, having a colour coded system in place is critical to protect both your residential and commercial clients as you go about cleaning their properties, and it will serve to increase their confidence in your services. 

  1. Eco-friendly

This is a safe mode of dusting, and it doesn’t increase your carbon footprint. Whenever you opt to use the dust pan and brush instead of the vacuum cleaner, you get to reduce the electricity consumption of the building, thus making savings on your energy budget. This is not to say that they are replaceable units-  they each have their role to play in the cleaning process. However, for dealing with those quick fixes, dusting the small areas, and also those situations where you don’t want to deal with the noise that caused by running the vacuum cleaner, the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) will be up to the task. 

A Look At The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

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