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-top of the range carpet cleaning shampoo

-suitable for sofa, carpet,curtain, rug cleaning

-its high dilution rate makes it cost effective

-contains a very pleasant lemon perfume 

-suitable for washing very sensitive fibres

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs

-cleans with ease and leaves on residue 

-it can be used with cold or warm water

-the cheapest carpet cleaning shampoo


Protect Your carpet With The Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

You want your home to feel good and cosy. That won't happen if your carpet is full of stains, dingy or smelly. Your home is a reflection of your personality. The last thing you want is a dirty carpet symbolising how you live. No one likes to come home to a stained carpet, and you won’t be able to relax in your house if there are odours emanating from it. A dirty carpet also makes you to feel nervous and awkward each time you invite guests over. You want a stylish home décor. In order to achieve that, you'll need to clean your carpet. There are plenty of products out there, and you want one that is guaranteed to work. Turn to the E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo.


Your dirty carpet retains lots of indoor air pollutants, like dust, pollen and cigarette smoke particles, lead particles, and even cockroach allergens. When you come home, you bring in soiling, bacteria and chemicals on your skin, in your hair and under your shoes. Thanks to gravity, the bulk of the grime ends up in the carpet. Airborne particles like pollen and fungal spores get trapped in the fibres, and each time someone walks on the carpet, or vacuums it, they can be released into the air. The household members inhale them, putting their health at risk. It also exacerbates respiratory conditions like asthma and emphysema. You might even be having a dust mite infestation in your home without being aware of it. They may be crawling in your carpet in their thousands. The dust mites aren't strictly allergens, but the faecal material and body fragments they leave behind will lead to respiratory problems and skin irritation. If your kid or pet keeps scratching themselves after crawling or playing on the carpet, the waste matter left behind by the dust mites is the likely cause. Using the Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will get them off your carpet and enhance the hygiene of your interior space.


Reasons Why You Should Invest In The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

1. Thorough cleaner

Use the E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo to get rid of the dirt, grime and heavy soiling from your carpets. It penetrates the fibres and loosens the gunk, making it easier for it to be extracted by the machine. The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will remove the stubborn grease stains, and eliminate pet dander and other dirt fragments. It will restore your carpet to its original beauty and improve the air quality in your home. You'll get to eliminate dust mites and other microscopic contaminants, thus enabling you and your family to enjoy a healthy life. 


2. No residue left behind

The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is a low foaming liquid, and leaves no residue after you finish cleaning the carpet. This reduces the speed of resoiling. In addition, you get to achieve professional results faster, reducing your workload when cleaning your carpet. The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will brighten up the carpet and is safe to use around children and pets.


3. Enhance your interior décor

A dirty or dingy carpet will ruin the mood of any room. It doesn’t matter how elegant the upholstery and furnishings are, or if you have state-of-the-art appliances. As long as your carpet is stained, musky or has an odour, it will drastically bring down the image and feel of the room. The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo prevents this from happening. It gives out a positive impression and makes you feel comfortable in your own home.


4. Prolong the life of your carpet

You invested heavily in it, and you want to keep it around for long. Dirt and grime in the carpet becomes abrasive and wears down the fibres. By removing the soiling, the Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo preserves the fibres, enhancing the lifespan of the carpet. It’s also fast drying, thus preventing the growth of mould and mildew. When used with the water extraction carpet cleaning machines, they will remove the majority of the water content, thus giving you quick dry time.


5. Works with carpet cleaning machines

This makes your work easier. The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is versatile and works with numerous carpet cleaning techniques, including the water extraction machines. You can also use it with either hot or cold water.


6. Lemon perfume

You get to have a clean and freshly scented carpet. The Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo leaves your carpet with a pleasant lemon fragrance, which enhances the feel of your home. After cleaning your carpet with the E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo, you'll see, feel and smell the difference.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

· DO vacuum the carpet before washing with the E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo. Also vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of dust and loose debris in the carpet's fibres.

· DO allow the carpet to air dry after washing.

· DO place mats at entrances into your home, to reduce the amount of dirt being tracked in from the driveway, yard, garage, etc.

· DO rearrange your furniture periodically. This will prevent indentations on the carpet. 

· DO shift the furniture when cleaning the carpet, or at least cover it to protect it. This is to prevent stains that result when furniture comes into contact with the wet carpet. For instance, some types of wood furniture can release their dyes into the carpet. Others have metallic feet, which can corrode and cause rust stains. Shifting the furniture also makes it easy to work on the carpet.

· DON'T over-shampoo the carpet. You just need a little of the E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for every cleaning operation.

· DON'T vacuum over any loose yarn on your carpet, especially at the seams. Use a dust brush and fix the carpet as soon as possible. Alternatively, can simply snip out the loose yarn, being careful not to catch the surrounding loops.

· DON'T let stains sit on the carpet. Remove them as soon as the spill occurs, whether its food, drinks or pet accidents.

· DON'T rub stains. This only spreads them into the carpet. Dab them using an E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo solution and a clean cloth. 

· DON'T use bleach on your carpet.

· DON'T mix the Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo with other cleaning products. Only dilute with water.


Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

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