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Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L

  • Low foam commercial & domestic carpet cleaning shampoo

  • Compatible with all extraction/injection carpet cleaning systems

  • Safe to use on all types of carpets, sofas, mattresses, rugs, etc

  • It contains a pleasant floral fragrance, PH 10, low foam, very reasonably priced

  • To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water, pre-spray solution required

  • Suitable for domestic carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning

  • Leaves no residue on the fibre, contains no harsh chemicals

Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L - Where to use

The new Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L is a low cost professional carpet cleaning shampoo suitable for domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. It can also be used for deep cleaning sofas, mattresses, curtains, rugs and chairs. The product will react fast and it will soften up the dirt on impact. Its low foam formula makes it the ideal carpet cleaning shampoo for high pressure carpet cleaning machines. In 90% of cases there is no need for pre-spray but if you are cleaning very dirty carpets, use Craftex Multisolv or Craftex High PH Traffic Lane Cleaner.

Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L - How to use it

Like all Craftex carpet cleaning shampoos, the new Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L is a highly concentrated product and it requires dilution before use. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 to 100. Use warm water to dilute the product and then add the solution to your carpet cleaning machine solution tank. Pre-spray the whole area, wait about 5 min then use the wand to spray and extract the waste while scrubbing the carpet with the wand. Some badly stained areas might require special stain removing before shampooing. Always pre-test the product when cleaning sensitive surfaces.

Wash your carpets, sofas, mattresses, rugs or chairs with this amazing low cost carpet cleaning shampoo. Powerful enough to remove most stains but safe enough to use on rugs and sofas. 

Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L

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