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-super concentrated alkali degreaser & general cleaner

-removes with ease grease, fat & oils from most surfaces

-high dilution ratio means very long lasting product

-contain no perfume – recommended for the food industry

-efficient floor degreaser & kitchen cleaning product


E.M.C Plus Degreaser – How it works

E.M.C Plus Degreaser is a super concentrated degreaser and general cleaning product designed to remove grease and fats from commercial kitchen floors, walls, fittings & equipment. Breaks grease on impact and is guaranteed to degrease any surface that it comes in contact with. Super degreasing qualities and brilliant dirt removing qualities.


E.M.C Plus Degreaser – Where to use

E.M.C Plus Degreaser is a multi task cleaner and degreaser and it can be used on any surfaces that have grease or fat deposits. Many cleaning companies use E.M.C Plus Degreaser as a deep floor cleaning product for altro floors or general industrial kitchen floors. Pre soak the floor for about 10 minutes with hot water and E.M.C Plus Degreaser, then scrub the floor with a low speed floor buffer and a medium hard brush. Extract all the waste with a wet vac. E.M.C Plus Cleaner can be used on most types of floors, sealed or un sealed. This super degreaser can be used with all known cleaning methods. Mopping your kitchen floor daily with E.M.C Plus Cleaner will keep your floor grease free and will not allow grease build ups.


E.M.C Plus Cleaner – Safety

E.M.C Plus Cleaner is a low risk cleaning product. If used daily for spray and wipe systems please use gloves to avoid prolonged contact with your skin. If skin irritations occur seek medical advice.


E.M.C Plus Cleaner – Our recommendation

Slippery kitchen floors are a big issue for many commercial kitchens. E.M.C Plus Cleaner is one of the most efficient degreasers and general cleaning products available. Mix with very hot water for pre soaking and wash your floor daily with it. Highly recommended for cleaning safety floors or general areas where other cleaning products have failed to work. Affordable and efficient.



E.M.C Plus Cleaner – degreasing your floors was never easier!

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