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-heavy duty acidic toilet cleaner and descaler

-assures fast removal of limescale & bacteria 

-suitable to use on all types of porcelain fittings

-it will get rid of a wide range of bad bacteria

-ideal for cleaning vertical porcelain surfaces

-suitable for urinals, toilets and bathroom cleaning

-long lasting results and long lasting perfume


Evans E-Phos Toilet Cleaner And Descaler

We all have come across that stubborn toilet or washroom stain that despite any amount of vicious scrubbing, still sticks out unapologetically, provoking a helpless streak of panic; especially when after a wonderful evening dinner, your guest asks to use the washroom. This is why at Evans Vanodine International Plc. , we have fully committed ourselves to design and manufacture a cost friendly product that will absolutely do away with this unSpleasant problem and restore your peace of mind. E-PHOS toilet cleaner and descaler is a fast acting hydrochloric acid cleaner that targets all stains on a large variety of surface material that the stain may embed itself onto. Despite the fact that it is made with a powerful formula to fasten action time, E-PHOS toilet cleaner will not corrode your surfaces as it is fitted with corrosion inhibitors that will inhibit damage to your surfaces. It will not only leave your washroom smelling amazingly pleasant, but also feeling over the roof germ free, sparkling clean and leave your surfaces as durable as they were before.


E-PHOS toilet cleaner is undoubtedly your everyday toiletry must have as it encompasses such huge benefits to improve your quality of health and life at large. It goes beyond just a typical toilet cleaner to gives you results that exceed it’s price and will leave you feeling satisfied and having had value for your money. It is guaranteed, you will not want to take it off your shelf. Such benefits include:

Powerful Antibacterial properties

E-PHOS components are specially designed to combat a wide range of bacteria that are prevalent in washroom areas such as Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomona aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus which are responsible for urinary tract infections, bone skin and wound infections, food poisoning and pathogens. Undiluted E-PHOS has been biologically proven to eliminate these bacteria in an average of just two minutes. Therefore E-PHOS will ensure that you are able to thrive in a germ free environment and escape these very common infections.

Safe to use on many surfaces.

E-Phos is safely formulated for use on most washroom surfaces including ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, quarry tiles and chrome.E-PHOS is rapidly and completely able to remove all form of body fat, lime scale and general soiling from these surfaces without corroding them. It is suitable for use on urinals, washbasins, tiled surfaces, showers and toilets.

Thickened to allow longer contact time

E-PHOS is formulated in thick viscosity to allow for better clinging to the surface and for longer. This will increase contact time on the targeted areas and thus increase effectiveness. This will enable you to clean better.

Fitted with Anti-corrosion inhibitors.

E-PHON is fitted with anti-corrosion inhibitors that inhibit harmful corrosion to surfaces, guarding them against faster wear and tear. 

Tested through the EN 1276 method and Certified.

E-PHOS has been successfully approved after thorough testing using the EN1276 method which is the European Standard Test Method tasked to test bactericidal products. It is therefore perfectly safe for use and poses very low risk of any sort of bodily harm since its production, distribution and usage.

A sweet heartwarming and Pleasant Scent.

E-PHOS gives off a sweet, calming, long lasting floral scent on use making your washroom and toilet area a pleasant place to visit.

Biodegradable and Environment friendly.

All surfactants used in E-PHOS toilet cleaner and are in compliance with the updated European Regulations addressing biodegradability and environment protection.

Attractive packaging

E-PHOS packaging containers simply make your toilet area look good. The design is simple, has an angled neck bottle to facilitate easy use and the friendly colors will infuse with the cozy ambience of your toilet area perfectly.

Assurance of quality.

E-PHOS toilet cleaner is manufactured by a fully registered company, Evans VANODINE International PLC, regulated under relevant and quality abiding systems such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cert. No. EMS 506072 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cert. No. FM 09535.These systems are lawfully registered by the British Standard Institution. You are therefore assured of great regulated quality.

How to use:

EPHOS is packaged in a ready to use bottle that is easy to use on the surfaces. The packaging has been specially designed in the most convenient and efficient design to make it easier for you to work around with and achieve maximum results.

While using it on urinals and toilets:

Ensure you flush first. 

Pour out a generous amount off the E-PHOS toilet cleaner.

Leave it for two minutes.

Use the toilet brush to force water around the S bend, it might be necessary to agitate using brush then. 

Flush the toilet or urinal with clean water.

For cleaning and disinfecting sanitary ware:

Use a generous amount of E-PHOS in undiluted form and apply with damp cloth.

Wipe of the surface and rinse off using clean water.

For general cleaning purposes, dilute 100ml for every 5 liters of water (1: 50).It is advisable to use hot water. Proceed to wipe or mop your surfaces.


Do not swallow. It may cause discomfort when ingested. If accidentally ingested, do not induce vomiting but rather drink up a glass of milk.

Do not use on aquatic organisms.

Do not place in direct contact with eyes. Prolonged contact with eyes may affect the natural lubrication by the mucous membranes. If this is experienced, promptly and thoroughly wash with plenty of water while you lift the eyelids.

Avoid lengthy contact with uncovered skin as it may strip away the skin’s natural oils due to its corrosive nature. It is highly advisable to use protective gear such as gloves during use. In the case of prolonged contact wash the skin thoroughly with soap and plenty of water.

In the case of a spillage; if small, flush away with a lot of water. If Large, Contain and absorb with earth, sand or other Non-combustible material. Place in suitable waste disposal containers and seal.


If you are in need of a toilet cleaner that won't disappoint you then E-PHOS toilet cleaner is the ultimate solution. You can get a bottle of EPOHS from a local sore at a very affordable price. The cleaning power of the EPHOS toilet cleaner will leave you satisfied and contented.


E-Phos Toilet Cleaner And Descaler

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