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-super acidic washroom cleaner & toilet descaler

-suitable for deep washroom cleaning & descaling

-removes lime scale & body fats with ease

-kills a wide range of bacteria and other infections

-contains a strong, long lasting fragrance

-available in 5L containers & 1L duck neck bottle


Evans E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – Where to use

This acidic washroom cleaner can be used for deep bathroom cleaning, washroom cleaning, public shower cleaning, urinal cleaning, toilet cleaning & descaling. Evans E-Phos Washroom Cleaner is a very acidic washroom cleaner that can remove any type of lime scale or body fats build ups. It will also clean shower heads, taps, etc. with ease. One of the most affordable washroom cleaners available in Ireland. Its thick composition makes it ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces.


Evans E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – How to use

Toilet Cleaning – flush the toilet and apply Evans E-Phos Washroom Cleaner all over the toilet bowl. Allow a few minutes to work and scrub with a toilet brush. Job done.

Washroom Cleaning – if you are doing a heavy duty cleaning job pre spray the whole area and allow time to work. Scrub the area with a semi hard brush and dry with a dry cloth or a rag. For bad build ups you might need to repeat the operation.

Spray & Wipe – just mix Evans E-Phos Washroom Cleaner with hot water and spray on the area that you plan to clean. Allow around 3 seconds to work and wipe with a dry rag or cloth.

Floor Cleaning – mop the floor as usual or if you plan to use a floor scrubber dilute the cleaning product to the recommended dilution. Go over the same area a few times to achieve the best results.


E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – Dilution

The dilution ratio will depend on the type of job you plan to undertake and it can go from no dilution at all to 1 to 100. For toilet cleaning do not dilute at all. For mopping dilute 1 to 50. For machine cleaning dilute 1 to 100 and for spray & wipe systems dilute 1 to 10. Over mixing any cleaning product does not mean that the product will work better. Some cleaning products will only be efficient if the right dilution is respected.

E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – Safety

E-Phos Washroom Cleaner is an acidic bathroom cleaner and that means it can react with other cleaning products. Do not mix with other types of acidic washroom cleaners and do not use without gloves. There are no other risks to your health. Keep it stored safely away from kids and pets and respect the right dilution.


E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – Recommendation

E-Phos Washroom Cleaner costs only 9.18€ per 5 litres. Even if this superb bathroom and toilet cleaner is so cheap we can guarantee you that is also very good. Much better than bleach based bathroom cleaning products and much more efficient. It is a highly perfumed cleaning product that will clean, disinfect and deodorise in one go. If you own a cleaning company or if you are in charge of washroom cleaning you should try E-Phos Washroom Cleaner. You will love it.


E-Phos Washroom Cleaner – One of the most affordable washroom cleaners around!

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