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Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" - 10 Bags Per Roll

-highly popular 100% compostable bags from Earth2earth

-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use

-Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic

-29” x 39” size, sold in rolls or boxes, Irish manufactured

-all Earth2earth bags will fully break down in the ground

Prevent Organic Waste From Going To Landfills By Using The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39"

Why is this an issue? Why can't the kitchen scraps and food waste be tossed into plastic bags and thrown in landfills? Don’t they decompose? Well, the reality is not quite as simple. It’s true that food waste can biodegrade. However, in landfills, one key problem is the insufficient supply of oxygen. This is due to the mountains of trash, that cut off the supply of oxygen from reaching the waste buried under the growing heaps. While the biodegradation will still take place, it will be anaerobic. This is problematic because it results in the release of methane, a gas that is more potent in its impact on the environment compared to carbon dioxide. Basically, the organic waste ending up in landfills leads to more global warming, increasing your carbon footprint. In fact, landfills are some of the largest sources of methane emissions, even outdoing coal mining. Units such as the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" come in to prevent the organic waste from being taken to the landfills, but rather directed to composting facilities, where the conditions of heat, oxygen levels and humidity are constantly under control. 

The composting process is also beneficial in improving soil health. Here, the biomass the is generated can be used in soils, reverting the nutrients from the organic material, which aids in improving the soil structure and encouraging plant growth. This simultaneously reduces the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Aspects such as water retention get a boost. Using the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" for the kitchen scraps, and foods waste for your home or business premises thus results in a net positive impact on the environment. 

Value Of The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39"

These units are constructed with high-strength film that enables them to be used for residential and commercial waste disposal needs. They are also waterproof, preventing leakages of the contents- and can withstand high temperatures of up to 75 °C. That way, even hot food can be disposed of with the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" without it melting right through the film. 

The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" have undergone stringent testing, by independent bodies, in accredited labs to ensure that they are compliant to EN 13432 standards. This measure is used for products in the EU market, with test parameters that assess the industrial and home compostability of the units. The products in question should have completely disintegrated in 12 weeks, and fully biodegradable in 6 months. Within this period, the requirement is that over 90% of the product should have already been converted into carbon dioxide with the remainder being a combination of water and biomass that can be used as compost. Various criteria are looked at during the testing. For instance, with the disintegration, the focus is on the physical breakdown of the product. A sample of the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" is taken and added to organic waste, then placed under test conditions for the 12 weeks. In order to pass the test, 90% of fragments of the sample should be smaller than 2mm- even being taken through a sieve of the measurement. For the biodegradability, standards like the ISO 14852 and the ISO 14855 are used. The impact of the product on the compost is also assessed, including a comprehensive analysis of the volatile solids, pH and salinity, plus elements like nitrogen and magnesium. The permissible ranges here are stipulated in the OCED 208 "Terrestrial Plants, Growth Test.  After passing the EN 13432, the compostable sacks are awarded the certification to prove it, recognizable across the whole EU market. The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" also meet the ASTM D 6866 standard, which looks at the biobased content of the material.  

With a shelf life of 2 years, the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" can be bought in bulk, enabling you to have sufficient supply whenever you need to take out the full sacks and replace them with new ones. This, plus the affordable price of the units, enables you to save on costs incurred in the waste management program of your establishment.

Prevent Organic Waste From Going To Landfills By Using The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39"

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