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Earth2earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack - Blue / 1 Roll x 25 Bags

  • Brand: Earth2Earth
  • Product Code: E2E2644BL
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

-standard size 26” x 44” or 660 mm x 1120 mm Blue

-manufactured from recycled & 100% degradable plastic

-suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection

-it will fit most standard Irish bins & it is sold in rolls of 25 bags

-very strong, degradable and manufactured in Ireland

Eco-friendly Waste Disposal With The Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack

Refuse sacks are a core part of the building’s management program, to dispose of the trash and maintain a clean and hygiene environment. Different factors are considered before settling on the right refuse sack for your particular needs. First off is the size of the sack. Here, you don’t want a unit that is big that it results in an unsightly overhang and unnecessary extra costs, or one that is too small such that it doesn’t even fit in the bin, or it doesn’t leave enough room for it to be tied and carried. Then there is the weight of the waste that will be going into the bin. The focus here is on getting refuse sack that has the capacity of handling the quantity of waste that it will be carrying, to avoid cases of ripping and spilling. The type of the refuse sack itself is also key. Aspects such as how you are segregating the waste, the material itself and whether it is biodegradable, come into play. Even the colour is considered, such as when you’re putting in place a waste disposal system that is colour coded, and want a refuse sack that matches the colour of the bin.  

Thorn Environmental Ltd, the company the Earth2Earth bin bags, is popular for its wide range of products, ranging from wraps and films, to the refuse sacks such as the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack under review. It’s also the same company that develops the DuraSack and even Bungee range of bin bags. Having been in operation since the last century, they have vase experience in developing products to meet the different consumer needs. In fact, Thon is a market leader, supplying the bin liners all across Ireland, and its products have rapidly increased in popularity in the UK. A commitment to quality, and invested in research and development to deliver a host of product to meet the diverse packaging and waste management situations, has seen it grow a loyal customer base over the years. With the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality return for the amount you spend. Here is what you can expect from it: 

A Look At The Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack

This unit meets the demand for everyday waste disposal in modern-day busy homes, and also commercial establishments. It has been particularly developed for light-duty and medium-duty weight. These are the likes of paper and general office waste, including stationery, newspapers, food packaging for those meals that the staff order in for lunch or the take-away that one enjoys at home, metal drink cans, the printer and toner cartridges, plastic and paper cups, all through to plastic bottles and cardboard. This kind of waste is repeatedly being tossed into the bin by the customers and staff who are on the business premises, and at home with ordinary family use- plus those occasions when you have guests over. The suitable size of the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack, plus the packaging where each box having 8 rolls, and a roll having 25 bags, makes it an economical choice for handling these situations.  

Better waste segregation

Sustainable waste management begins with proper segregation. The waste material that is produced in residential and commercial establishments is basically sorted into different categories,  that way they can be efficiently disposed of through methods that are better for the environment. Waste segregation is encouraged as it increases awareness, enhancing the re-using and recycling of products, allows for effective disposal of inorganic waste, and safe disposal of the hazardous materials. The waste is segregated at source. The material can be categorised into aspects such as wet and dry waste, grouping the organic waste from the inorganic substances, and also categorising it into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. After determining the category that is suitable for your home and or business premises- and what goes in line with the local regulations and the system that the garbage collectors use, the next step is to assign separate bins for the different categories, and refuse sacks with the colour to identify the material being held. For instance, green refuse sacks can be used for organic waste and the blue ones like the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack can be used for the recyclable waste. It’s an easy and necessary process, that sensitizes your family members and neighbours at home, and the customers and employees in your business premises, on the value of utilising proper waste management systems.

Green waste disposal

Sustainable practices are key in how we run day-to-day activities. This ranges from the packaging choices that we use, aspects like modes of transport taken, all through to handling the waste generated at home and in business premises. The Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack have been developed to enable you to meet the waste management needs at your establishment without threatening Mother Nature in the process. The material gets totally degrades, with the by-products being carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Here, there won’t be toxic substances getting generated. 

The degradation process can be broken down into two main stages:

  • When the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack and its contents are taken to the waste disposal site, they get exposed to UV radiation from the sun, heat, and mechanical stresses. Any of these, or a combination of them, cases the degradation to start. The material interacts with oxygen, getting fragmented into smaller fragments. The bonds holding the molecules together are broken down. The refuse sack gradually loses its physical form and the breaking down process at this stage cannot be reversed.

  • Microorganisms will begin feeding on the material, which causes the biodegradation. They use the fragments of the Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack as food, resulting in the water, carbon dioxide and biomass by-products. Here, there will be no harmful residue created, that way you won’t need to be concerned about issues such as chemicals getting leached into the soiling and surrounding ecosystem. 

Eco-friendly Waste Disposal With The Earth2Earth Degradable 26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack

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