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Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44" - 25 Bags Per Roll

  • Brand: Earth2Earth
  • Product Code: E2E2644ST
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

-domestic suitable standard refuse bags from Earth2earth 

-sold in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 200 degradable bags

-manufactured in Ireland from recycled components

-degradable plastic back break down in full within 2 years

-26” x 44” , cream, will fit most standard bins in Ireland

 With The Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44", Waste Disposal Is A Breeze

Your first priority when getting rid of waste is ensuring that it is done in a safe and effective manner. For this, various factors come into play. First off, the refuse sack needs to be of the appropriate size, to match the bin that it will be set up in. That way, cases of overhang or underutilization of the bin space are avoided. Then there is the strength of the material itself, where the emphasis is on getting a product that can carry the weight of the waste that will be stored in it without tearing. After all, it would be really messy were the refuse sack to rip open when being lifted out of the bin. The Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44" has been developed with high-performance resins, which adhere to the EU and UK industry standards. These enhance the strength of the refuse sacks, enabling them to hold in the trash that is placed in them securely. 

With the large size of the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44", the waste disposal program gets a further boost. This is by allowing more trash to be held in each individual refuse sack before it needs to be disposed of, and prolonging the duration between successive changes of the refuse sacks. Each unit gets to be used for longer, lowering the costs that are incurred during the waste disposal process. 

Increasing environmental-safety awareness

The design of the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44" also comes in handy in spreading awareness on environmentally sustainable processes. From the colour to the logo, the public gets more sensitized on the need of incorporating eco-friendly systems into their day-to-day activities. Thus, you will be contributing to the global efforts that are geared to preserving the environment, for our sake and that of the generations that are to follow us. After all, we each have a duty in this, with regards to how we carry out the activities in our day-to-day lives- and proper waste management is part of it. 

For businesses, having an eco-friendly waste management system in place is also beneficial to your brand. This is because customers are being more selective with the companies that they purchase their products and services from. They are keen on the company's practices, aspects like its corporate social responsibility, to how it is fairing in matters of environmental sustainability. In fact, 87% of consumers in a Forbes study showed that they develop a more positive image for the brands that were involved in social and environmental issues, with 68% of millennials indicating that they made purchases on products that were shown to directly benefit the society or environment. They are even willing to pay more for the products from companies that are being run in an eco-friendly way. The Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44" fits right into this, blending with the environmentally sustainable systems that are in your premises, thus enabling you to attract more customers.  

Properly Maintaining The Bin

In order to ensure optimal health standards are kept in your establishment, maintenance of the bin is necessary. You don’t want a situation where odours begin emanating from it and spreading across the interior space, or situations where gross substances have spilled into the bin and are sticking to its walls. First, it's vital to use a bin liner or refuse sack for your unit. Tossing that waste directly into the bin without them creates a mess. The gunk lines the walls, and makes it difficult to clean. It also accelerates the rate at which pathogens will be breeding in the bin. Next, avoid the urge of smashing the trash down into the bin when it’s almost full, in an attempt to increase the space available. Overfilling the refuse sacks strains the material. It also increases the weight drastically, and you may end up struggling to lift it out of the bin- and still be forced to grab another refuse sack to deal with the overflow. This is an inconvenience. Whenever the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44" gets full, simply remove it and replace it with a fresh new one. Remember to give the bin a thorough clean regularly. Ideally, this should be done whenever it has been emptied, after which the bin is allowed to dry before placing a new refuse sack in it. 

 Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sack Cream - 26" x 44"

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