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Earth2Earth Retail Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455mm x 455 mm (50 bags)

  • Brand: Earth2Earth
  • Product Code: E2EPBLR
  • Availability: In Stock

-heavy duty pedal bin bag from Earth2earth

-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic

-255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm, cream, 50 bags

-fully degradable in the ground (around 2 years)

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

 Getting Rid Of Waste With The Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm

To find the right bin bag for your particular needs, different factors come into play. Firstly, there is the type of the bag itself. Here, aspects like its construction material- such as whether it is biodegradable, are considered. Colour also factors in, to determine the waste that is put in them, and how it will be disposed of. Weight of the waste itself is a key consideration, since you want a bin bag that can hold in the waste tossed into it without ripping or spilling. This comes down to the strength of the material that the bag has been constructed with. Then there is the size. Here, the aim is to get the correct size that matches your bin. Going with a bin bag that is too small will mean that it won’t be able to fit the bin properly, and there won’t be sufficient room for the bag to be tied and carried. On the other hand, with a bin bag that is too large, there will be unsightly overhang, and added costs that could have been avoided. In case you can't find a bag that matches your bin's exact size, it’s always better to go for a larger sack in order to ensure that it fits the waste container. 

Hygienic waste disposal

The Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm keep the bins clean, and are particularly popular in guest rooms and hotels bathrooms. Here, keeping the bin in a hygienic state is vital for customer satisfaction and general well-being. The units can be used with both domestic and commercial pedal bins, and even in offices and entertainment centres. Part of bin care includes routinely cleaning it- ideally whenever the bin has been emptied. With the Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm, this becomes much easier since the waste will have been prevented from coming into contact with the bin itself. Occasionally- such as every week, use hot water and a detergent to give the bin a thorough scrub. Whenever a bin liner is full, remove it and replace it with a fresh new one.  Avoid pressing the waste into the bin in an attempt to create more space. 

Suited for light duty waste

With its size, the Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm are particularly ideal for light waste in both domestic and commercial setups. These are the likes of paper and general office waste, printer and toner cartridges, the metal drink cans, stationery, and light food packaging. The dimensions refer to the face width, the open width and the length of the bin liner. Basically, the 255mm (face width), refers to the width of the bottom of the bag when it is sealed and closed. The first 455mm (open width) refers to the maximum width of the liner when stretched out from one side to another- which should not be mistaken for the circumference. The 455mm length is its measurement from the top to the bottom of the bin liner.

Safe degradation process

This process is two-fold. It starts when the Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm are taken to the waste disposal facilities, such as landfills. Here, the heat, UV radiation, plus the tearing, stretching and other mechanical stresses that the units are exposed to, cause the degradation to start. The strong covalent bonds holding the material together break down, reducing the molecular weight and causing the structure to lose its form. Additives accelerate the degradation, and there are no toxins released to the environment in the process. The second part takes place when the microorganisms begin feeding on the bin liners, which results in biodegradation. Here, water, biomass and also carbon dioxide are formed, and there is no harmful residue left behind. The contents that had been held in the Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm get to be exposed to the elements much sooner and in turn degrade. This contributes to resolving the landfill problem, by reducing the rate at which they build up.

Getting Rid Of Waste With The Earth2Earth Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm

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