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-super floor polish restorer and floor polish enhancer

-it will finish your floor to a glossy hard wearing finish

-it can be used as a cleaner diluted & as a polish undiluted

-responds brilliantly to high speed burnishing with a red pad

-high coverage area – 5L should cover 250 sq meter x 2

-extremely versatile floor cleaning product with added perfume


Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Floor cleaner

This brilliant product can be used as a floor polish or floor cleaner. Dilute Easy Shine Floor Polish to 1 to 100 and it transforms into a superb floor cleaner and maintainer. Each time you wash your floor with Easy Shine Floor Polish you will build up a thin coat of floor polish that will respond well to burnishing. If your floor still has polish on it but it looks a bit dull, you can wash your floor with Easy Shine Floor Polish and you can give it a good buff with a red pad to enhance the look of your floor. It will transform your floor in minutes and it will provide the mirror-like effect.


Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Polishing

Deep clean your floor and neutralise it with a neutral floor cleaner. Make sure that the floor is dust free and spotless. Apply 3 coats of Easy Shine Floor Polish with a microfiber flat mop or a polish applicator. Apply 3 thin coats and allow 2 hours drying time between coats. Do not over coat the floor and only apply Easy Shine Floor Polish on new floors or on floors that have been stripped of ALL polish and sealant. After the last coat is applied, allow 6-8 hours to fully dry and then buff the floor with a high speed buffer to polish the floor.  Job done and your floor should be nice and shiny. Wash your floor regularly with neutral floor cleaning products only and buff your floor regularly. Always do a pre test in a corner to confirm compatibility.


Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Dilution

If you plan to polish your floor you will need to use Easy Shine Floor Polish undiluted. If you plan to wash or maintain your floor please dilute this wonderful product 1 to 100. If the existing floor is dull looking you should buff your floor. Do not apply Easy Shine Floor Polish over dirty floors. Dirt trapped between polish coats will make your floors look dirty. Once in a while, depending on traffic, all floors need to be stripped and re-polished.

Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Where to use

This hard wearing floor polish is recommended for use on most types of floors excluding wood floors. Its high gloss finish makes it more suitable for commercial use but it can be used within the domestic market as well. When polishing marble, terrazzo, sandstone etc. please expect longer drying periods between coats. The natural stone floors are very cold and it will take a while to dry.


Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Safety

Floor polishes represent very little risk to health. Use a pair of gloves when polishing floors to avoid covering your skin with polish. Do not walk on wet surfaces and keep the floor polish away from kids.


Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish – Recommendation

Apply Easy Shine Floor Polish with a clean microfiber pad or some polish applicator. Hoover the floor to avoid having dirt trapped under your polish. Apply the first coat horizontally and the next coat vertically and so on. All polished floors will only stay shiny if buffed regularly. When you buff your floor with a high speed buffer you heat the floor and you remove all the imperfections from the floor. The sealant will mark and scratch but by buffing regularly you will get rid of all those imperfections. No special training is required to use this product.


 Evans Easy Shine Floor Polish

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