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Robert Scott Microfiber Cloth 200 GSM 40 cm x 40 cm - Pink

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 610123
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-here is our most popular microfiber cleaning cloth

-absorbent, durable, re-washable many times, cheap

-40 cm x 40 cm, 200 GSM, suitable for maintenance

-a proper microfiber cloth for the office cleaning market

Pink Eco Wipe 200 Microfiber Cloths For A Thorough Clean

More and more people and businesses are turning to microfiber cloths for their cleaning needs. Why? They have high levels of effectiveness, getting rid of even the tiny dust particles, allergens and even microbes crawling around the surfaces of the establishment. This is achieved due to the van der Waals forces of attraction that are developed as a result of the tiny nature of the fibres. Ordinary cotton and nylon tend to leave the tiny particles behind. However, with microfiber cloths, polyester and polyamide plastics are forced through a tiny pipe, then heated to enable them to be woven together. The fused fibres are then split into tiny fibres, that can be as 10-50 times thinner than a strand of human hair. The fibres attach themselves to the dirt specks, and hold them within the material of the cloth. The absorbed content is held until when the cloth is laundered. You get this kind of cleaning action with the Eco wipe 200 Microfiber Cloth 200 GSM 40 cm x 40 cm  Pink. Here is more that it brings on board:

Works with colour coded schemes
These come in to reduce risks of cross-contamination in the establishment. Equipment of matching colours, from the mops, mop buckets, dustpans and brushes, towels, cloths and even the gloves are used for specific areas. They can be divided into equipment for lobbies, receptions, hallways and other public areas, food preparation zones like the kitchen, general cleaning for areas like cafe lounges, to high-risk areas such as the toilets and bathrooms. There isn`t a set "standard" that must be followed. Rather, the colour used depends on the personnel in charge of the cleaning process; and using set colours enables easier training of the staff especially with contract cleaning. With the Eco wipe 200 Microfiber Cloth 200 GSM 40 cm x 40 cm - Pink, you get to assign it to a specific area depending on your establishment needs, and avert the confusion that would have ensued with equipment being used haphazardly. The colour coded scheme also comes in handy when keeping track of inventory for your cleaning supplies.

These Eco Wipe Microfiber Cloths can be used on a wide range of surfaces, ranging from plastic, wood, aluminium, stainless steel sinks, glass mirrors, laminate, tiles and even Perspex and paintwork. They are Terry Warp knitted, with the high polyamide content and splitting process used when developing them making the material very soft, suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. That way you can proceed with the wiping without worrying about damaging the underlying structure.

Long lasting
The Eco wipe 200 Microfiber Cloth 200 GSM 40 cm x 40 cm - Pink is made using 20% polyamide 80% polyester yarn, giving it strength to provide superior results for multiple cleaning sessions. In fact, it can be laundered over 500 times. For this, it is recommended that you can use a low temperature of 40 in order to save on your energy bills. Nevertheless, the cloths can be laundered with temperatures as high as 95 if need be. After the washing, tumble dry them, which has the welcome bonus of opening up the fibres. Note that, while you can use fabric softeners when washing these cloths, it will reduce their effectiveness when they are later used dry.

Pink Microfiber Cloth

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