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Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm White / 250 GSM

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 3503049
  • Availability: In Stock

-top of the range microfiber cleaning cloths

-suitable for deep cleans & maintenance

-very absorbent & very long lasting cloth

-40 cm x 40 cm, 250 GSM, white colour

Get An Effective Clean With The White Eco-Wipe Cloth- 250 GSM

Microfiber cloths are an important part of the cleaning arsenal. You don`t have to spend hours on the task, or jars upon jars of cleaning solutions. Microfiber technology comes in to reduce your workload. Their ability to pick even the microbes that are crawling around the surfaces of the establishment enables them to increase the hygiene standards of the residence. Densely packed fibres made of polyester and polyamide fibers are woven together to form a net-like surface which has millions of spaces for dirt and moisture to be trapped, which increases their absorbency. In fact, you don`t even need to use water when wiping surfaces with the microfiber cloths. They can be used dry- or slightly damp, when dealing with areas that have heavy soiling. You want a product that will meet your cleaning needs, and you can get that with the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm White / 250 GSM.

Benefits Of The White Eco Wipe Cloths

Protect your surfaces
The soft Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm White / 250 GSM can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including the sensitive ones. Whether you want to use the cloths on your aluminium appliances, painted walls, the glass mirror, ceramic countertops and walls, all through to the wooden cabinets and dining room sets, the cloths are up to the task. They will get rid of the grime without affecting the underlying surface.

Safe for you
While using the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm White / 250 GSM, you get to avoid turning to toxic chemicals, like the bleaches and ammonia based agents that cause irritations and release toxic fumes in the indoor air space and reduce its quality. What`s more, there is no chemical residue left behind, meaning that the persons on the premises won`t end up getting affected.

Machine washable
Each time after the cleaning session, after the cloths have absorbed all that grime, simply toss them into the washing machine. They are launderable for over 500 times, due to the durability of the structure. This means that each cloth gets to take you for the long haul. What`s more, they can be laundered with temperatures as low as 40 in order to reduce the impact on your energy bill, or you can go as high as 90 without the cloths losing their structural integrity.

Save on resources
With the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm White / 250 GSM, you get to save on your resources. Since the cloths are used dry, you won`t need to prepare cleaning solutions each time you want to wipe a surface, lowering your establishment's maintenance budget. You even get to save on time. The strong forces of attraction pulling the dirt of the surfaces, and the convenient 40cm x 40 cm size, makes the cloths easy to work with. The high absorbency also means that more grime is held within the material so you won`t keep going to and from the sink or buckets to wring the cloths.

White Eco-Wipe Cloth- 250 GSM - Professional Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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