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Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Yellow / 250 GSM

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 3503046
  • Availability: In Stock

-commercial & domestic yellow microfiber cloth

-250 GSM, 40 cm x 40 cm, colour coded - Yellow

-suitable for deep cleaning, polishing & maintenance

- machine re-washable over 500 times (warm water)

Yellow Eco-Wipe 250 GSM Cloth Review

Microfiber technology is one of the most significant innovations to come to the cleaning industry. This is because of the simplicity and effectiveness that it brings on board. The microfiber cloths reduce the time and resources that are needed to get the task done; and you get to do so in an eco-friendly manner since the wastage is reduced, and harmful chemicals are not applied. You won`t need to worry about residue being left behind on the surfaces, or issues like toxic fumes being generated into the interior air space. When looking to incorporate it into your cleaning program, you want products that can be trusted to deliver on their mandate. Turn to the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Yellow / 250 GSM. Here's what to expect from it:

Highly effective clean
As the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Yellow / 250 GSM is wiped over the surface, forces of attraction are generated that pull up the dirt particles into its structure. It literally yanks them off the surface, holding them within the material of the cloth until it gets laundered. That way, you won't have to worry about the dirt being redeposited onto the surface. It can be used dry, or slightly damp when dealing with heavier soiling.

The Eco Wipe cloth can be used for cleaning multiple surfaces- from ceramics, laminate, wood and aluminium, all through to stainless steel, glass, vinyl, paintwork and Perspex. The 250 GSM product can be used across the scope, for buffing, polishing and cleaning. Whether it's at home or at the business premises, cleaning appliances in the office and living rooms, desks and countertops, to the sinks, showers and mirrors, the walls and the floors, the yellow Eco Wipe cloths will be up to the task.

The Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Yellow / 250 GSM is so soft that it can be used on sensitive surfaces without risking the structure. This is due to the high polyamide content of the cloths, and the splitting process used during making the material. Whether it`s for spot cleaning to get rid of spills, or in the middle of the general cleaning process, the cloths will enable you to attend to the various areas with the peace of mind that their structural integrity won`t be affected.

Fast results
With the Eco-Wipe 250 Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Yellow / 250 GSM, you won`t keep dipping and wringing them in water or other cleaning solutions. What`s more, since they can be used dry, the preparation time to get down to the actual cleaning is drastically cut down. The effectiveness of the cleaning additionally means that you won`t need to keep passing over the same areas repeatedly, thus you get to obtain the results faster, and cover more area in limited time.

Machine washable
After you`re done with the cleaning, simply wash the cloths and allow them to dry. The Eco Wipe 250 cloth can be taken through the machine cleaning cycle for over 500 sessions, giving you prolonged usage out of each unit purchased. The material itself is strong, enabling it to withstand the rigours of the frequent cleaning. What's more, it can be tumble dried, which has the additional benefit of opening up the fibres.

Yellow Eco-Wipe 250 GSM Cloth - Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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