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EMR80 Velcro - Blue and Red - 14x50 cm - Velcro System

  • Brand: Microfiber
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EMR80 Velcro - Blue and Red - 14x50 cm - Velcro System


-high quality microfiber flat mop head designed for daily cleaning

-it will absorb up to 250 ml of moist and it will clean 30 sq m of floor

-suitable for sealed and unsealed solid & semi solid flooring

-it improves cleaning and it increases the speed of floor cleaning

-this microfiber flat mop can be washed up to 3000 times


Microfiber Flat Mop Head

Cleaning floors properly, faster and use less energy can be a challenge especially if you have to squeeze in cleaning time. Microfiber flat mop head has a unique design that helps you work when standing to cause less back strain. The mop comes in double side models. One side of the mop is used to dry clean the floors while the other end is used to wet clean the floors. Since the microfiber flat mop head captures more dirt at once, it cuts down trips your water bucket, therefore, increasing productivity.

Physically speaking, it’s less wear and tear on the body. When using the microfiber flat mop head, it eases your energy, and you will find that you do not get tired. The mop’s head soft nature creates free flow movement and saves you time.

Microfiber flat mop head is constructed with unique fibers that can works in rough floors and repeat laundering giving you a high working pace and a peace of mind and quality control.

Features of the microfiber mop head

1. Microfiber mop head is used for dry and wet mopping


2. The mop head is durable compared to other standard mops


3. The light weight and frame unit is designed to ease user’s energy.


4. Microfibers are very soft 100X finer that human’s hair.


5 .The mop heads’ high absorbent nature is 6X heavier when in water.


6. The microfibers reach into floor surfaces and clean out dirt that a standard mop cannot deliver.


7. The mop head swirls smoothly from side to side for excellent cleaning action.


8. The reusable and washable pad does a clean job on the floors


9. It's harsh and sturdy making it a good quality flat mop head.


How to use Microfiber flat mop head


• Put a safety floor sign at the entrance of the room you are cleaning if it’s a public place

• Connect the microfiber mop head to its frame

• Open your disinfecting bucket

• Attach mop head pad with the hook and loop system.

• Start cleaning from the farthest corner of the room with figure 8’ swirls while moving towards the entrance of the chamber. Do not forget to clean under furniture and beds.

• The mop head pad holds enough water and disinfectant to clean the whole room.

• Dry the room using the other side of the microfiber mop head.

• Let the chamber get enough aeration


Why use Microfiber Flat Mop head


1. The flat mop head is less work intensive than a standard mop. Cleaning floors is easier and faster.


2. Eliminates cross contamination. When using the microfiber flat mop head in places that need extra cleanliness like hospitals chance of pollution are eliminated.


3. Reduce chemical and water consumption drastically while it cleans effectively.Wet mopping requires one to change cleaning solutions after the second or third room, but with the microfiber flat mop head, just one bucket is enough for the cleaning routine.


4. Reduce cleaning time.Wet mopping practices include cleaning the floor changing disinfectant and rinsing the mop head which saves a lot of time. Other standard mop heads require you to keep cleaning the floor to and fro to achieve desired results.


5. Reduce injuries. Conventional wet mopping can cause custodial injuries through repeating swirling motions of mopping and wringing.


6. Saves costs from the reduced water and disinfectant use. Commercial places typically use a lot of water and disinfectant with its routine floor cleaning, but with fewer trips to the disinfectant bucket the microfiber flat mop head saves money.


Microfiber flat mop heads can last hundreds of washing when cared for properly. There are two core things to keep in mind when caring for a microfiber flat mop head

• Don’t dry them using a drier. Keep them away from high heat.

• Don’t use detergents that have fabric softeners when cleaning them.

Machine washing

Use warm water with a mild detergent. Avoid mixing the microfiber flat mop with clothes made of cotton the fabric softeners tend to clog the open spaces between the microfibers that do the cleaning and it lessens its working time. If you should mix the mop head with anything else, let it be from a microfiber or synthetic.


Hand washing

Wash in warm or hot water.Mix with a mild detergent. Clean it using a soft bristled brush to get good results. Rinse thoroughly.



Air drying a microfiber flat mop is the best solution, and it lengthens its life and dries fast. But if you choose to use a dryer let it be on low heat. You can put the mob with other microfiber items in the dryer only as other materials will on it.

Commercial laundering for microfiber flat mop head

Use a high solvent detergent for heavy soil that contains no alkaline. Follow the product’s instructions for poundage. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener. Use the industrial machine guideline for cleaning microfiber items to the letter.


Commercial Drying

The preferred method is air drying, but you can use a dryer with a maximum temperature of 140 degrees.

Limitations of using the Microfiber flat mob head


1. It's difficult to use microfiber mop heads in highly contaminated areas like blood and other body fluids.

2. In busy commercial areas like the kitchen or hotels microfiber does not clean well the greasy floors and personnel prefers using the mechanical cleaning machines.

3. Maintaining the microfiber flat mop head is a challenge in commercial industries as their industrial washers and dryer’s heat settings are too high and damages it.

Microfiber flat mop head is an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-purpose mop. Its hybrid design can carry out heavy duty mopping. The microfiber strands are delicate and can clean hardwood floors, tile floors and stone floors with no damage. The super absorbent minimizes your trips to the bucket. Additionally, it does not leave traces or streaks behind.

If you are looking for a mop head that will save you time, take care of your floor, multi-purpose, and clean thoroughly, microfiber flat mop head is what will deliver excellent results.Plus it can be easily ordered from online stores and be delivered to location at any time.


Microfiber Flat Mop Head 

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